An easy to understand protocol overview video

As we draw closer to data chains implementation I believe the new marketing branch of @maidsafe should begin working closely with the network engineering team to better grasp the SAFE protocol. SAFE requires world wide participation in great numbers to reach it’s goal of security, privacy, and freedom for users. This inevitably means that your average consumer must have and easy to understand visual resource to refer to and absorb.

As most people tend to better understand artistic presentations it is important to formulate a point to point explanatory medium to high level video guiding the viewer through the SAFE protocol in logical order.

IMO the routing layer first. Detailing visually (in a zoom and zoom out style birds eye view over a world map) how clients connect to the pre-established SAFE network. From there the viewer is informed of the relay and the stripping of their IP address. This provides the Segway to XOR addressing the way used by SAFE in just enough detail to understand the distribution of nodes, establishing of groups, and the XOR influenced storage and location of data.

Next naturally IMHO comes the consensus algorithm that protects data from sabotage, and on to XORs’ inherent defense against collusion a.k.a sybil. From there self encryption, self authentication, and private/public key uses on the network. Then over to data maps for file retrieval and sharing. Finally present the difference between public and private data. Tying it to previous data maps segment.

This all needs to smoothly work the viewer through the pipes (connections) and participants (nodes and groups) like a journey. Zooming out for high level overviews and explanations of the various components with respect to the presentations’ sequence. Similarly the zoom in is used for medium level overviews of the the more granular components of the network like nodes, sections, and section/message verification etc. This can be a somewhat daunting task if done without the community. I believe together we can make a presentation/video that even a child can appreciate.

We need to structure and order the video very strategically and thoughtfully. What results after much discussion then needs be translated into story boards to establish the visual style (CRUCIAL IMO). Then the marketing team can begin scouting for an appropriate studio for production.

We must strive to make this video the ultimate mid to high level orientation resource. Please do not underestimate it’s potential impact and importance for quick adoption of SAFE. Radically new tech like this will almost always have a long break in phase where millions will be skeptical due the lack of knowledge and many millions more will ignore for years because nothing easily digestible is available for consumption. I know many here can think of a slew of examples of this from previous technologies.

Let us learn from that and preempt public reaction by creating the learning resource that will ultimately be desired by tech dabblers and the lazy but open minded (the majority :slightly_smiling_face: ). Thoughts?


I’d be all for it, in fact i think the official one at the moment is pretty shit. You can’t show this to someone who has no idea about the network and expect the them to comprehend the philosophy and significance of what maidsafe is trying to do.

I tend to think this video is better (altho the damn ad on the Chinese Youtube is pretty long, like 45 secs so you have to wait a bit to watch the actual video)

Although it only exist on the Chinese version of Youtube now as for some reason maidsafe has taken it off their official channel.(although it’s still originally made by maidsafe i think)

A good video i think should detail really the current state of the internet and the philosophy behind Maidsafe, that is to have uncensorable sharing of information as well as a transactional currency backed up by data as a store of value. Right now people don’t even understand the structure of the current internet to understand how maidsafe is changing it. So in the video i think it’ll be nice to explain to people everything, including the current internet in detail.