An alternative economic system for the SAFE network

I think the app they are pushing in El Salvador uses lightning network, so hypothetically should be very low fees.


Hard to argue with math. Put Bitcoin price on the log growth curve (or search for someone that has done it already) and you will see Bitcoin is well along the LGC that almost all technological innovations have and will follow. Diminishing volatility and returns which IS a process of price discovery. If you just look at a linear chart then you will miss this.

As for “nobody is actually using it” absolutism there is also hard data refuting. See the exponential growth in gift card services like Bitrefill (one possibly use case of Safe’s DBCs where even your corner store could effectively issue/process Gift cards to swap directly for their goods and services - going to hard to ban gift cards), or the huge demand for the various crypto to visa/MC debit cards, or overwhelming demand for Jack Mallers Strike by Zap lightning back payments service… just a small sample of many pointing to increasing real world usage growing at an incredible pace.

Sure speculation may be the lions share of transactions, but the LGC trajectory is telling us something important about price discovery and the future it promises by similar historic examples.

Only if all the Bitcoin network participants all give up on the system and infrastructure to swap to the new one. Betamax vs. VHS there is a hell of a lot more to toppling an incumbent than just being “better”. It should not need to be said but Bitcoin and Ethereum are valuable because of network effects and all the supporting infrastructure and real world value transfer methods that implies.

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