America's pick up truck makers are super dumb

This is essentailly a Tesla comment so mods feel free to consolidate.

Here’s the thing, an electric truck done right will decimate gasoline pick ups. The electric 0-60 game was just a warm up. And Tesla will do it right. Its just so obvious its unbelievable. There is a reason trains have long been electric drive and many tanks and dump trucks as well.

Ford is doing a hybrid F150 ala a diesel train set up but that will still suck against pure electrics. A turbine electric set up like an M1 tank is still no good against a pure electric for pick ups. And its like Musk said it will all go electric (pure electric) including, planes and ships with the exception of rockets.

You can see it coming: fast flat torque curve, ultimate reliability and ruggedness, 2000 ftlbs torque and 2000 hp and 3-7x the energy/ cost effiency and a radically lower operating cost. Add to that all the robot like utility of a Tesla. Full electrics are the only suitable self drivers for a million super obvious reasons. And green too.

An F150 hybrid will be as obsolete against a Tesla Truck as a 2005 flip phone against an iPhone 7. In 5-7 years time these Detroit ultra losers (“making an automobile is not an efficient use of capital”) may be whining that Tesla should be broken up. Remember they already went bankrupt recently (Ford came close) while trying to blame their weakness on not being able to abuse their workers enough, when their German rivals had 2x the profit on more than double the wages, benefits and work life balance accommodations. And lets not forget these clowns went under during Bush and oil is King. And then they were thrashed by Obama. Romney would have let them go under chop shop style. But now they are back with their super arrogance whining about higher fuel standards. They should be liquidated and their assets handed over to firms like Tesla. They seem to have learned nothing or are incapable of learning and are as dishonest as ever.


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quick question, as long as its off topic :wink:

do you guys think $tsla is undervalued?

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Yes. I think there is good chance it will become the best performing stock in history.

Watch this, some how imparts something

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Sorry, fixed link- its video of deadly RC cars.

Put go pros in these ans have an interesting sort of racing. Scale that speed up.

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I’m really not a trader :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t give any helpful insight there.

If @dallyshalla is still around I’d suggest asking him. He really follows markets and trades (coins, stocks) more than anyone I know.

I bought & sold my Tesla shares in middle school at a slight loss, right before it tripled, so I definitely believe in the company but am a horrible trader lol

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I remembered you saying somewhere that tesla was the first (?) company you invested in, iirc, so I thought you still had it. Im not interested in trading stocks either, just thinking about investing.

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The following article is an example of the weakness of the competition. In this case Mercedes has a self drive system that doesn’t work and isn’t up to the task but it wants to market that as an advantage and talk about Tesla advantages as weaknesses. Shows Metecedes is still clueless. Also look at the interior design in the picture, Mercedes is becoming like Detroit, driven by ad execs and bankers. Take a Tesla interior of a Mercedes interior any day- people don’t want knobs and switches and all that obsolete stuff especially not the plasticky stuff Mercedes does now. Same with Volvo. Tesla just got the lead, Volvo, Porsche designers (and another I don’t remember) but its interiors are already better than these companies on style, aesthetic and theme.

Tesla is a no bagage company, lean and vertical set up to dominate energy, logistics and transport while taking the planet green. It even understands open source. Its impact on these industries will be greater than what Apple’s was on CES. Everyone of these industries is run by non contributory or parasitic oligarchs used to benefitting from tech suppression and corporate welfare. But what happens when just enough tech slips out and a viable mission focused constructive capitalist arrives is these people get flushed down the toilet proper. The secret sauce accelerant is that the competition is actually hated for putting everyone’s life at risk over their greed and getting rid of them is like getting rid of a cancer. People see through stupid ploys like hydrogen and it just makes them more angry.

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