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Gun Reform was a First 100 Days pledge. He has called for a $15 minimum wage but I don’t believe it was included in the Day 1 or Day 100 pledges.

Isn’t the gun question in practice pretty much up to the state, rather than a federal thing. Toting a gun around Washington DC sounds unnecessary and potentially dangerous. But Alaska is pretty different, no?

No mention of the $2K stimulus check? Because only 1.5K extra and not immediately it seems, but in March.

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Federal and state gun laws. Federal law supersedes state.

It is codified in the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd amendment and trumps state and local laws:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Which was clarified in DC v. Heller as an individual right to keep and bare arms of common use for legal purposes. It should be noted that the court stated this was not an unlimited right, such as restrictions on conceal carry, carrying in federal buildings, ownership by felons, etc. are acceptable, which is where all the contention comes into play.

Not saying I agree with the restrictions or not, but that is the law as it is interpreted today.

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Trump Supporters Explain Why They Are Clueless


I guess a lot of Trumper’s are here in the community and that saddens me.

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This is a software development forum that to as a large extent as possible should be non-political. A network is an infrastructure like a public road or pools, also called “public goods”, they should not be political. The forum have had some problems with politics the last year that risk to scare members away.

Forum general rules:
“Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” topics are only allowed in the #off-topic category.”

Go ahead and post political posts in off-topic.


If you’d watched the video you’d seen it wasn’t political, but people let emotions dictate their responses.

Then why?

Not political?
Very political statements for non-political posts.

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He isn’t the POTUS anymore and now a civilian. So how is it political?

Anybody supporting him now is just feeding a celebrity capitalist pig. Hooray!


Some people are just unlucky when they try to think, sometimes their ambition surpass their ability.

Expected response, have a good one burying your head in the sand. Peace my friend.

Better luck next time.

DUDE! It’s like I’m at a Trump press conference! Are you going to throw me some paper towels next?

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Do you understand how the above posts makes you look, you should have backed out awhile ago and tried to save your face. You got dominated and steemrolled.

You sound just like Trump! OMG! Look at my accomplishments! I won! I’m so winning! Hooray for me!

I hope your luck returns, you need it. If you want to dig a deeper hole, then go ahead. Don’t ever f*ck with me when you know I’am right because I can own you again and again. You show respect when someone proves you wrong.

FYI You came after me.

What, did the big bad wolf come after you when you made “non-political posts”? Do you want to cry about it? Come on and cry some for me, you want me to hold your hand? Tell you everything is going to be ok?