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It is such a painful subject to discuss and confront but I appreciate your willingness to do so.

Whilst a synthetic form of adrenochrome may be available - this would represent a move towards some form of rehabilitation - the fact is that the supply of adrenalised blood has been ritualised and the ideological foundation for this can be located in the theosophical doctrine of both Invisible Sect Freemasonry and Satanism.

These horrific and psychopathic activities form the basis of their group cohesion which is also underpinned by an addiction to adrenochrome.
At present, the only formal definition for the horrendous child abuse involving these blood rites and rituals is ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’.

An accurate sub-definition would be ‘Invisible Sect Freemasonic Abuse’ - but as I have detailed in other posts investigations into these truly evil and depraved practises are routinely suppressed due to the involvement of so many high ranking members of the police, judiciary, politicians and the aristocracy.

I just don’t see it.
If I was shown picture / video proof, not that I’d actually want to scar myself by watching it maybe I’d believe.

As for synthesised vs natural, its exactly the same chemical.

Sure, I believe there are sick ppl who act accordingly, but I believe they do it because they are sick, not because of wanting a drug.

I read a trip report on bluelight a long time ago, where someone bought it from a lab and tried it in various doses, they were less than impressed and didn’t see any point in consuming it.

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The narcotic effect of adrenochrome and addiction to it is better understood in conjunction with its ritualisation and the group psychology involved - and further contextualised by the ideological foundations that underpin it. You are totally correct that these people are sick - truly depraved, disgusting and evil. As such their activities are beyond the comprehension of the rest of humanity and sadly most tend to refute it’s existence. As you are already aware, ritualised abuse is a horrific. reality. Tragically for the victims and survivors it occurs on an industrial scale.

Videos and written material that discuss the subject involving verbal testimonies of survivors are highly traumatising in themselves. The whole topic is beyond hellish but children need to be protected from harm and ignorance about the subject is not helping.

I would suggest listening to ex CID police whistleblower John Wedger’s testimony given at the ITNJ judicial commission inquiry into Human trafficking and Child Sex Abuse in 2018. He is a brave and good man with no allegiance to freemasonry - who now works in outreach helping victims and survivors.
I am deeply mistrustful of ex CIA spy Robert David Steele - who chaired the largely ineffectual commission and who has a great deal of knowledge about the subject - I have reason to believe from further research that he has Invisible Sect Freemasonic affiliation. He discusses adrenalised blood in the shorter of the two videos.

Again. This is a deeply disturbing and distressing subject which I believe needs to be addressed in order to be stopped - it will be public awareness and pressure that makes the difference as the main perpetrators have no interest in far reaching exposure and have full control of the judicial process.

Apparently there has been evidence presented…in Italy at least. The following is from Italygate, part II: Obama and Renzi accused of being the masterminds of the US electoral fraud – La cruna dell'ago :

"Originally, the plot to switch votes from Trump to Biden didn’t start in Rome, but in Frankfurt, where a CIA station hosts Dominion’s servers.

Apparently, everything was working fine until the hackers in Frankfurt realized that what they were doing wasn’t enough to finally deliver the “victory” to Biden.

At that moment, the hackers called Rome for help. Then in the US Embassy, the operation was recalibrated by creating new algorithms.

Trump was taking too many votes and it was necessary to reinforce the attack.

The votes were then sent from a military satellite operated by Leonardo to the US into Dominion’s servers.

Apparently, all this plan was confirmed by Arturo D’Elia, a former Leonardo’s consultant, who in a sworn testimony admitted his role in the hacking scheme.

Mr. D’Elia claims that he acted under the instructions of US embassy personnel in Rome."

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I’m missing two things: 1) any mention of a legal case won based on these allegations, b) our guy testifying in a US court.


How many shooters were on the grassy knoll? I forgot what the prevailing online view is.

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I don’t know any more than what’s on that blog … yet.

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Sticks and stones.

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My implied point was: had there been any real evidence, it would’ve been brought in front of a US court, where it mattered.

But again, that would’ve exposed the guy to the fury of Dominion who would sue the guy into oblivion (like they are doing it with Trump’s ex-lawyer) which I guess is precisely the reason why he’s not doing it.

Don’t listen to words spoken where they aren’t a liability if they are empty lies. Listen to what’s said (or said not) where one’s skin is at stake. It’s a pretty good filter.

Ok. I will wait to see if there’s any real evidence that matters.

Like this

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Trump and his people kept shouting about evidence of fraud on social and news media, places where they had no personal risk even if all they said was a lie.

Trump and his people did not bring any of that supposed evidence to court where their own skin would’ve been at stake.

I point out that this disconnect is strong circumstantial evidence that they had no actual evidence, only big words.

In response, you compare this thought process to… what exactly? Risking that tanks will roll on the street if we’re not vigilant about… what? Empty claims nobody’s willing to back with a testimony in court? Or what? Please explain because I’m not getting the connection. Maybe because there isn’t any. But sure, it was very impressive. And meaningless.

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There are places where tanks have been rolling on the street for some time. All part of the Pax Americana which is imposed on behalf of international finance capital and will be perpetuated by the newly selected head of state, Kamala Harris, at the point of American guns. As an American, it makes me sick.

I believe that many voted not for Trump, but against this regime which has ruled the world for over 75 years, and has bled us dry here in the U.S. It may come as a surprise to many, but we do not benefit from it. It makes us sick.

It is all set to be sustained and in fact dramatically expanded in the confusing wake of an invented and fraudulent pandemic, which has so far succeeded in frightening the population.

We will see where the evidence leads, and what is real and not real, as this unfolds.


Remind me, who did Trump appoint as Secretary of State to the Treasury? And what about Chief Economics Advisor?

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Its useless trying to portray me as a Trump supporter, I’m not, as I said before. The election choice was between syphilis and gonorrhea, and one was judged to be only slightly less lethal, because that was the choice as people perceived it, based on their almost complete lack of information, courtesy of the six headed mainstream media. Actually Trump and Biden are part of the same regime.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: it couldn’t happen in the US…
It seems there is a void of good sense atm.


So was this same pandemic invented in every other country on earth as well? Come on, man!

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Except that one is mere speculation at this point.

oh bless you. one of the lucky ones who still get to delude themselves into “it’s just the flu” right? okay it’s time to mute you because there’s no point. bye

Not only am I not a lawyer, but I’m not a doctor either. So I can’t say with authority but its what I’ve concluded after all I’ve seen. People have to do their own thinking, but unfortunately so many don’t. That is the same all over the world.

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