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The “they”, in @goindeep’s comment is the Chinese communist party … and he is referring to “every person”. There are many forced labor camps in China … not “every person” has the privilege, let alone a government granted “right” to “work earn income and come home safely”.

No need to go to OAN, any semi-respectable media source will inform you that this is true.

Glenn Greenwald: Nothing Trump Did Compares to the ‘Moral Evil’ of Bush’s and Obama’s Wars


Journalist Whitney Webb then joins us…to discuss the security of the elections, and the marriage of Silicon Valley and Government…

I have been enjoying Tim Dillon’s brilliant series of interviews with the wonderful Whitney Webb - I recommend giving this one a good listen - plenty of background info on US electoral fraud…(also at 1hr 20m 06 seconds she gives the best overview of the Q psyops project I’ve heard any journalist deliver - particularly regarding Cass Sunsteins involvement…)
Whitney’s book on Epstein wilI be out in June 2021 - I cant fully comprehend how it is possible for anyone to ignore the fact that Trump is a known pedophile and continue to support him - reporting on his long standing and enduring connection with Epstein has been heavily avoided by the mainstream media but in no way alters the facts.


As for Biden - just another vile specimen…Aside from clear links with the british crown sponsored imperialist project of white supremacy it is clear to me that jesuitesque sabbatean-frankist luciferianism provides the ideological basis for these sickening child abusing elitist practises…

  • how is anyone still buying into any of it??? please wake up!!!

That’s a google no hit query that one :smiley: I am glad I am not alone :smiley: No comment on the discussion as I have not read it, but that jumped off the page to me.


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I was trying (and failing) to parse that one myself.

Can we agree on “nasty wanker but at least not an overt Nazi” as a compromise description?

“luciferianism” Is that an un healthy obsession with matches?


It would help to separate the components - searching ‘Jesuit’ ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ and ‘Luciferianism’ independently of one another. It is clear to me that a fusion of all the above provide the ideological basis for the vile practises of ‘invisible sect’ freemasons and not only the now infamous subset described as ‘the illuminati’…speaking of which even the encyclopedia britannica has an entry mentioning Jesuits…

For source material that helpfully discusses all of the above in one text - I strongly recommend reading chapter 13 -‘The Illuminati’ (pages 123-134) in David Livingstone’s exceptional book ‘Terrorism & the Illuminati - A Three Thousand Year History
The material is extensive, excellently researched and well presented; It is available on the ever wonderful in a variety of formats.

The Shabbateans
Lurianic Kabbalah, also known as the New Kabbalah, the most pivotal formulation in the modern history of that occult branch of Judaism, and its prescriptions for actively seeking the fulfillment of prophecy, became the core doctrine of the modern occult underground. Therefore, Freemasonry, which too was forged from Lurianic Kabbalah, and founded in the Rosicrucian conspiracy that united the divergent heritage of the House of Guelph and the House of Stuart, was aligned, in the eighteenth century, with the most central development of this school, when it was infiltrated by the Illuminati. The goal of this organization was to fulfill the ancient dream of Plato, of establishing a New World Order, governed by an elite instructed in the occult.
Therefore, the question of Jewish involvement or responsibility for the scheming of the Illuminati has since plagued investigators with accusations of anti-Semitism. However, Rabbi Marvin Antelman has recently resolved the issue by exposing that the Illuminati was operated by a fringe Gnostic group of Judaism, known as the Shabbateans, incepted by the false-messiah, Shabbetai Zevi. Despite the movement’s growing influence over the coming centuries, their malevolent designs were largely kept secret from the rest of the Jewish community, and were often inimical to it. And, this ignorance would continue to be fostered by the Illuminati, who would barricade themselves behind these same accusations of anti-Semitism…

…The Shabbatean heresy, which for some time survived in secret circles akin to something of a Masonic organization, eventually reasserted itself through the sect known as the Frankists. They were also known as the Zoharists, or the Illuminated, or, in Podolia, from where they originated, as Shabbatean Zevists. The leader of the Zoharists was Jacob Frank, originally named Jacob Leibowicz, who regarded himself as a reincarnation of Zevi.
Reviving the vilest Gnostic traditions of the Kabbalah, the Frankists were bent not only on the eradication and humiliation of the majority of the Jewish community who refused to accept their deviations, and therefore of Judaism as a whole, but of all religions, and exploited the Zionist ideals to disguise their quest for world domination. The Frankists believed that in the Messianic age, the laws of the Torah were no longer valid, and all that had been formerly prohibited was now permitted, or even mandatory. This included all the prohibited sexual unions and incest. Therefore, their practices, which included orgiastic, sexually promiscuous rites, led the Jewish community to brand them as heretics.
Frank preached a “Religious Myth of Nihilism”. Ultimately, Frank taught his followers that the overthrow and destruction of society was the only thing that could save mankind. Despite the fact that they were all outwardly religious, the Frankists sought “the annihilation of every religion and positive system of belief,” and they dreamed “of a general revolution that would sweep away the past in a single stroke so that the world might be rebuilt.” Of the revolutionary philosophy of the Frankists, Gershom Scholem wrote in ‘Kabbalah and Its Symbolism’: “for Frank, anarchic destruction represented all the Luciferian radiance, all the positive tones and overtones, of the word Life…”
The Illuminati
The Jesuits, the precursors of the organization, continued to be the source of much intrigue, and were responsible for the formation of their predecessors, the Illuminati. John Robison, in Proofs of a Conspiracy, written in 1798, which exposed the devious evolution of the Illuminati, remarked of German Freemasonry;

“I saw it much connected with many occurrences and schisms in the Christian church; I saw that the Jesuits had several times interfered in it; and that most of the exceptionable innovations and dissentions had arisen about the time that the order of Loyola was suppressed; so that it should seem, that these intriguing brethren had attempted to maintain their influence by the help of Free Masonry.”*

Therefore, when Pope Clement XIV dissolved the Jesuits in 1773, Adam Weishaupt, referred to as “a Jesuit in disguise” by his closest associate, Baron von Knigge, established the Illuminati as a secret order modeled on them…"

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@goindeep I thought you might find the interview genuinely interesting - Whitney Webb is an excellent independent investigative journalist who has done a great deal of research on the connections between silicon valley tech giants, the state & US electoral fraud…also making some very clear links between Epstein, Trump, Maxwell & Gates…among others…dont even get me started on Biden…they are all as rotten to the core as each other…earlier on in this thread you very helpfully posted some footage of the BS at Bohemian Grove and an introduction into some skull and bones society sickness - I didnt think you would be resistant to confronting Trumps true character…I accept that @TylerAbeoJordan might find it more difficult to address the issue of horrific, invisible sect freemasonic practises due to his own interest in the virtue signalling visible sect…cognitive dissonance can be a real headache…but in a favoured language of the imperialist oppressors - a phrase we can perhaps all agree with…
magna est veritas et praevalebit’ - which roughly translated is 'the truth is mighty and it shall prevail’
Of course it will, eventually…Lets hope it happens soon…

I read much of this stuff in 2016 when there were supposed to be court cases but then lost interest when the woman failed to show and continued to remain anon and so did her witness. Obviously BS designed to have ruined Trumps chances. There was a bunch of dodgy stuff related to journalists and some type of media personalities if I recall were they were pushing her for stories and couldnt find lawyers to take on the most hated man on the circuit. Bit different to the very open and public women Clinton raped…Gimme a break.

There was a book written were it was revealed some of what trump said about his relationship to Epstein is true in that he’d kicked him out of Maralago for hitting on a younger girl.

The one thing with Trump you gotta understand, and I am a fan, is he is a narcissist with a brand. His name was not just his name it was his brand. The guy doesn’t drink from what I’ve read and doesn’t like to party. Kind of ties in with this brand image.

From what I can tell he’s Into adult women. Nothing wrong with that, even when you shag pornstars.

As to Epstein. It was the guys MO to cozy up to important people. Hardly incriminating.

If Trumps a pedo show me the evidence not stories from anonymous persons.

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“When you’re a star you can just walk up to them and grab them by the p - - - y.”

What a guy, what a prez!



This does nothing to support deniability in this case. This is indicative of the demonstration of power and influence in suppressing it.

Whitney Webb’s book will be out in June 2021 but until then you may find it helpful to listen to the three recent interviews with Tim Dillon. Particularly this one including a telephone conversation with Maria Farmer - who agreed to the recording being publicised - she was ruthlessly exploited by Netflix (under the direction of Mark Bernays Randolph) whilst involved in filming the current ‘docu-series’ on Epstein.

"Tim has on journalist Whitney Webb to discuss Epstein, Bill Gates, China, and America becoming a surveillance state. Whitney, with permission from Maria Farmer, plays small clips from a 3.5 hour interview recently recorded, that in Whitney’s opinion changed her perspective on the Epstein case… "

The Trump ‘brand’ extends to his own model agency - This is a core industry involved in trafficking young victims. Trumps association with Maxwell & Epstein was heavily facilitated by their ‘joint interest’ in the industry. The collaboration between them was extensive and enduring. Hence the absolute viability of the crushed case. Remember - Maxwell is still yet to be tried, and Epstein evaded the case altogether.

I think its very important that you pay attention to this video. Trump is well known to have a long term addiction to stimulants. The staffers on the set of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ were well accustomed to Trumps drug related outbursts. The content of these interviews with Noel Casler (who first worked on filming beauty pageants with Trump in the 90’s) would be considered utterly libelous if they were in any way fabricated. The reality is that everyone involved in the production can attest to the validity of these claims. Therefore there has been no opportunity to contest them. No doubt the Trump administration are reliant on his ardent supporters refusing to pay attention to the facts - something they are apparently particularly proficient at.

As for #DiaperDon - I am not endorsing body shaming anyone for incontinence - even evil incarnate - however this short clip from Noel succinctly references Trumps addiction to stimulants -

“he’s incontinent from all the speed, all the adderall he does, the cocaine that hes done for decades you know all that stuff has a laxative has an effect on your bowels and his are uncontrollable…”

Then you need to seriously reassess and realise that Trump is a predatory pedophile who has a long term association with two of the most currently well known elitist pedophile sex traffickers. Actually Epstein and Maxwell were only mid level project managers. Leslie Wexner occupied a more senior role, and yet this is still only the tip of the iceberg. The elitist obsession with pedophilia has its ideological basis in a fusion of Jesuitism, Sabbatean-Frankism and Luciferianism.
I know you have already posted up images and videos on this thread regarding some of the sickening symbolism and practises associated with invisible sect freemasonic elitists - If you do some further research on Sabbateanism and Frankism you will discover that ritualised sexual abuse is not only encouraged, it is mandatory.

Again - I will reiterate that whilst these ideologies were founded on a twisted interpretation of the already contorted Lurianic Kabbalah, they are distinct from Judaism. It is too easy for people to label this a ‘Jewish’ issue - when in fact it is indicative of both the credo and accompanying abhorrent practises, of a global network of control and occult obsessed elitists.

Trump is a senior scottish rite, southern jurisdiction freemason. The US is a british crown sponsored colony - The british establishment is a total cesspit of genealogically interrelated miscreants who consider their continuing, barbaric and imperialist project a worthy endeavour.

It is disturbing to hear you continue to defend them or any of their emissaries. Please face facts. Organised pedophilia is integral to the elitist schema. Trump is a truly disgusting specimen as is his counterpart, Biden. Vile brothers in arms.

Better him than this predator:

I’m sure he’s just admiring the stripes though.

Choosing one vile, pedophiliac predator over the other is beyond morally redundant. Biden is disgusting and myopic Trump supporters will at some point need to accept that their Fuhrer is as sickeningly corrupt as his front stage counterpart. They all belong to the same horrendous circus troupe - the cult of invisible sect freemasonry that provides them with an organisational network and a convenient ideological basis for their pathetically limited but structurally supported delusions of grandeur…

The truth is great and it will prevail.


Dirty old man. Do some research for god’s sake.


That’s the best you can do?