America First - Who wants to be second ..? :D

Okay - this is my first Thread in off-topic xD
I just wanted to point out there is a contest going on in europe who will be second (or third … or … anyway)

all “official applications” for the second most important country in the world :slight_smile:

ps: oh and thats just the beginning - the website gets updated with every new application that is released to public


WTF is this, all countries and people are equally important

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don’t worry - look the videos :wink: they are making fun of trump ^^
(my favorite is the netherlands)

it’s true
those videos are the best videos
you’ll love them

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Oh yeah the Netherlands video was amazing lol I’m glad it’s getting so popular,

“grab em by the pony” :horse:

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we built a whole OCEAN to protect us
and german isn’t a real language - it’s fake! - a fake language!