Amazon threatens to suspend Signal's AWS account over censorship circumvention

Signal was using Domain Fronting to bypass censorship. It has been suggested here that SAFE could use domain fronting for it’s boostrap nodes, perhaps. Unfortunately, Amazon and Google are now killing domain fronting and threatening Signal for their use of it.


Hmm that looks bad. It looks like Signal has been making use of cloud providers like AWS and Google who are too big to ban in many countries, but now those companies have decided to do the censors’ work for them. Unfortunately - for this purpose at least - there aren’t many of those companies who are too big to ban. But if it’s all about domain fronting, I wonder if SAFE works in China where Google is already banned (not sure if AWS is too)? As an aside, I’ve often wondered how SAFE will get around the whitelisting approach operated in places like China - ie, non-approved traffic gets blocked or throttled.

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