Alternative to YouTube

You have mentioned in many posts about post videos on YouTube.
May I suggest you also post on LBRY?
It has some similarities to the idea of SAFE being it’s a protocol, decentralized and offers coins as methods of resources.
It was quite sparse until they launched their which is basically a YouTube clone. Now I am finding much more content showing up.
I think this is a big parallel to SAFE being the foundation and it is what someone builds on top that makes or breaks a particular use case or adoption.
Twitter built on SMS.
I am just quite leary of YouTube and Google in the current “we delete what we don’t like”. When Google figures out SAFE could potentially bankrupt them, they may not offer MaidSafe the channel anymore…


I think that the Safe alternative to YT will be the killer app. To provide a platform for influencers will in itself provide influence for the network itself.

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I think a youtube or music platform can be done through this protocol as well.

I’m gonna see if I can start getting the MaidSafe videos over on Odysee. It’s a bit of a process to get going though, so just working through that.

May well end up cross posting to other platforms as well.

For outreach though, YT still has to be primary in the mix.