Alternative SAFE Forum

I’ve created an alternative SAFE forum for the excessive “Off Topic” topics and Stream of Consciousness users. In short it’s a less moderated version of the SAFE forum with a more informal atmosphere. It’s still a work in progress and I’m sure it’ll evolve over time but there seemed to be some demand so I created a forum and viola. Here’s the main url.

And here’s the rules thread.

Yeah simple I know, that’s the point.


Thank you for your efforts, I will enjoy reading discussions in more of a social environment.

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I’ve had some issue with spam. I have installed some security however if you join and your name looks like jibberish I might mistake you for a bot and delete you. Just fair warning to new arrivals. I posted a warning there and I’m posting a quick warning here. Since I’m fairly familiar with people here that shouldn’t be an issue assuming you keep your usernames but things can happen.

You’re welcome. Hopefully things take off and we get some postage happening. It’ll be interesting to see where things go.

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good luck, I feel special first member to post…

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Hi @Blindsite2k,

I signed up and activated, and now it says my username doesn’t exist (I used 2E16 as my username). Then I tried to re-create my account, but it won’t let me aas it says I’m creating multiple account from the same computer :smile:

Sorry man, thought you were a spambot. That IS why I posted that warning. I can readd you no problem.

Awesome thank you :smile:

PMed you. Can’t remember your email address lol


Cool. I’ll check in some.

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Yeah a whopping 6 rules so far, about a third or half are just concerning the bloody spambots that keep appearing from time to time. Still beefing up security. Hopefully I can stem the tide a bit.


Yea! You tell those spam bots it’s against the rules to spam you! :smile:

No I think I’ll let my pump action CAPTCHA and “are you human” tripwires do that lol. As I said I have been installing plugins. Haven’t seen much spam lately.

Wow you got 1200 posts already (