Alt political theory

Just read the Guardian article. David was quoted saying “We can’t stop the network if we start it.”

Total tinfoil hat speculation here (but who doesn’t love a little conspiracy theory chatter) but assuming there are powerful actors who benefit from the current status quo - the launch of the safenet would, if the network achieves its goals, have a negative impact on those powerful actors.

Is there any fear/precautions against prelaunch sabotage? With everyone yelling lately about needing to make the public more aware of the project before it’s finished, it seems like it’s also an invitation for attention by malicious actors.

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Anyone will be able to initiate the network assuming they know how to setup a handful of droplets or VMs in the cloud. After a very little while the network can survive without those. So it will be very difficult for the “powers to be” to be able to stop it. The code is open sourced so any final touches can still be done by the many whom the authorities don’t realise are out there supporting this project.

But firstly they have to give credence to the statements being made about the project. I find this unlikely

Then secondly they would have to move very fast for governmental bodies. This is also unlikely.

Then thirdly they would have to know where all of the silent supporters who are capable of starting the network are.

Then fourthly they have to not bungle it up

As a side note, or AU government has taken at least a year to introduce changes to a law to allow them to demand assistance from tech companies to decrypt messages passing through their respective systems.

And our AU government sold/disposed of a couple of old filing cabinets to a hock shop full of current secret cabinet documents. And they only found out it was themselves who did it after blaming everyone else of stealing the documents.


I live in a tinfoil tent, wear goggles to look at my screen, will attempt to force feed anyone I encounter with an upload about the Tavistock, and have deep and meaningful conversations with bees - who incedentally are finding weather modification and 4G signals extremely difficult to deal with. Nonetheless, the safenetwork seems that it will attract enough of the right people to progress beautifully. It seems alot like the Parallel Polis outlined by Vaclav Benda. A safe space alongside all the grimy corruption not seeking to involve itself in anyway, but to thrive independently. Any negative speculation will simply advertise to those who understand what propaganda is, and lead them here anyway. The silly sods in charge of mass manipulation have their hands too full of raw data sewage to spare the time to invest much in direct sabotage - it would take a think tank much bigger than the one they have to even begin to work out how you all mangaged to create something so phenomenal - never mind how to sabotage it. I think they would be more interested just lurking around watching and picking up morsels of genius from pretty much everyone here except me :crazy_face:

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Never heard of this before - just check the wiki - Parallel Polis - Wikipedia

It is interesting the resurgence of the concept as it relates to the internet. With cryptos - this piece seems very apt:

“Parallel economy: “Political power considers this area as a critical resource for arbitrary control of citizens and strictly regulates it at the same time”.[citation needed] The economy of dissent was based on reciprocity and trust in the individual. It was the germ of a principle and the search for resources which are not dependent on the control of monetary tools.“

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Thank you for the wiki link and the apt quote which is a gem.
I heard about Vaclav Benda at a presentation a few weeks ago I saw on eventbrite called ‘Bitcoin is Retro’ It turned out to be a 3 lecture seminar from members of the Zthoven art collective, on tour from the Paralelni Polis in Prague - The evening was very interesting and they made it fun as well as serious. The institute is described as an actualised working platform based on Vaclav Bendas philosophical concepts. I haven’t yet found the original Samizdat essay, but a later discussion about it by Benda here:
I’ve been giving it all alot of thought and it seems with the slow, gradualist march towards a global socialist/communist dictatorship its very helpful to listen to the wise words of legendary activistis in the east like Benda - he knew only too well how pervasive the influence of state controlled oppression could be and I can understand why the institute have chosen to pay close attention to him and his insights. :relieved: