Alpha 3 and Alpha 4 release

Just follow the money to find out when most of the work needs to be done. MAID runs out of money in 2 years. The network will be running in two years. Or not? But probably, yes it will.

Also at this point there is little need for skepticism, only encouragment to help get this project over the finish line. This especially makes sense if you invested in the project. There is by-far more proof that it will succeed by now, than proof that it will fail. Cheers!


If they run out of money again I do not mind buying any of their shares again… I’m sure many other people would support them again :slight_smile:


And that was not set in stone either. It was more like more than …

EDIT: here is the post and note the use of “at least 24 months”


I guess you can infer from that they believe they will have something to deliver by then that can generate revenue and stay sustainable :slight_smile: , hidden positive gems like that. Fingers crossed devs just slay it over the next year and we may have something, to generate revenue the network needs to be out there and in decent use, so in 24 months the network live and some apps in heavy use? Maybe they anticipate revenue to come from private networks stood up for enterprises that early though, idk.


That’s a very selective quote and the full context is not realized until you add the qualifier.

Run rates and assets/prices can change. Yes of course they can improve, but they may not. Forecasts that are two years out are not reliable especially with a project that is as revolutionary as this.

There is no science to “hope”.


(Interesting how a little necessary skepticism cranks up the community, luv the mashup)

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Did you see who agreed with my post by liking it. I doubt Nick would have liked the post if my understanding was wrong

Also my context was from the many posts in the past about funding and the at least in Nick’s post meant just that “at least 24 months” with anticipated growth.

Obviously if costs increase unexpectedly or anticipated growth is wrong then anything could happen couldn’t it.

And obviously we have to have our eyes open and not just accept anything others say as absolute truth


All due respect @neo but that doesn’t make it any more real. Why wouldn’t Nick like a post he made?

I would like you to respond to my point about run rate and assets/prices being impossible to forecast and if that has any bearing on Nick’s comment. Other than Nick liked it.

Im sure 99% of this community would like your post.

Strictly speaking I was liking @neo’s post rather than my own :grinning:, but it seems to me that the opinion I gave has been taken in the right way by you both, a forecast with nothing set in stone. For what it’s worth my view on our funding runway has not changed since.


No doubt in my mind @neo is one great asset to you and the entire @maidsafe team and community. I’m witness to his support every time I visit. I don’t agree with all he posts here. This is not a indication of my level of support for this project, it’s an indication of my desire to see it through and keep it real.

Posts that are asking unpopular questions are not appreciated here. That’s OK as long as they don’t get deleted or buried.


I suspect unpopular critique is fine and will lead to debate, the scammers are well handled I feel. I ldo ike the feet on the ground thing though and many do that, including yourself. Viv in house does it extremely well and very focused. For all it’s faults it is a great community and needs as many wide ranging opinions and thoughts as possible. It’s all good :+1:


Very good place to be I feel. I would hate it if people thought I was always right, because I am not.


Cool, good to know David. :+1:


I’am just hoping be able to use the live network before i die :stuck_out_tongue:


Well don’t step out in front of any buses young fella :bus: :man_facepalming:



Ah it’s all good, you know the old saying, Animals and Children… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



As we get to 6 months mark after Alpha 3, it should become bleedingly obvious, one way or the other, on the timeframe for Beta release. Patience is a virtue


The probability is increasing every day. I hope the progress curve of maidsafe is faster :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl: yeah I guess I see your wisdom there, let’s pump out a network that’s not fully autonomous and isn’t secured against all possible threats…




Judging by your responses, you are only at the left of that chart anyway! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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