Alpha 2 Neural Net

Trying to finish the first Neural Net on SAFE :stuck_out_tongue:

Got a dev version running here,

and Github repo here,

and failed attempt at merging to SAFE right here: safe://net.whitey/

Honestly been trying to do it as quickly as possible. All the pieces are there, if anyone thinks it’s cool enough to play with / extend.


It relies on jquery and links to their CDN’s. Which wont work.

Also, what do you mean finish? It’s a complete application. The only thing it uses is localstoarge to store progress.

No I redirected to a local jquery file

Maybe the storage is the issue stopping it from working. Hmm

You’re using a neural net to play tic tac toe? Come one man google released a pre trained neural net parser which can be used for AI based translation and you’re over here playing tic tac toe? I mean…I guess its an interesting place to start to learn how the whole thing works but…tic tac toe? The game that has so few moves it can be programmed into an AI via brute force by hand?

Didn’t make this project to offend you lol


I’m sorry. Hope you had fun making it.

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@Yay Lighten up Francis!!

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I lightened up. I’m chill now. Everything’s good. Everything’s okay. Just expressed my feelings. Feelings are out. Everything’s okay now.


Does this require the compute functionality of SAFE? Thought Data Chains had to be finished first for that but do understand the threshold may be much lower than full GP compute.

@yay feelings are good :slight_smile:

And it might @warren haha it doesnt really work yet. Maybe that’s part of the issue

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