Alpha 2 Mock-Routing! :D

Here are compiled versions of Alpha 2 software for Mock-Routing!! :smiley:

Thanks @Krishna_Kumar :slight_smile:

It’s a great way to test SAFE sites, code and everything much faster, without needing Trust levels or tokens, etc.

Here is the github repo for Windows:

It also has direct, individual download links if you scroll down.

Adding Linux very soon! Linux Version HERE :slight_smile:

Adding a repo tested & verified apps to play with offline soon!


BTW: If you prefer a local test net (without limits, trust level etc.) you and your devs might like this as well:


Woah that’s awesome!

By following this, How to develop for the SAFE Network (draft) - General - Safe Dev Forum

it works on my end. So I think it’s on your end that is having issues.

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I think that’s a SAFE bet :stuck_out_tongue: