Alpha 2 Community Websites, Apps & SAFE Messaging IDs


Have to confess I’m rather pleased with this. Can anyone top it?



I am trying to put together a very basic forum :


Nicks are not registered, so in the current state, anyone can steal your name and pretend they are you, you can’t delete posts, there is no moderation … so things can quickly become messy :smiley: ( should it become really bad, I’d remove everything from alpha2 )

Have fun :slight_smile:


Very cool @nice!

This is exactly what we need. It shows what’s possible with SAFE.


Blimey! Very nice again :slight_smile:


I said it in there but I think this really deserves a topic of its own. Really cool @nice



Hey guys is Alpha 2 planned to be left running until Alpha 3 is up and stable?

I want to know how to plan for it with my SAFE-FS / SAPP store development for the mid-long term.



It will be maintained until at least Alpha 4


That’s awesome! Thanks very much


I have just recorded a video walk-through of the Safe Network, Alpha 2 - for members of a service I operate -to explain how things are developing and also to illustrate the various ways the network can be used, by showing some of the links and apps that have been shared here.


Great demo video David :slight_smile:


I just published a new version of my Safe simple Forum, now you can login with your public IDs and give likes :+1:

Please keep in mind this is very rough and subject to modifications and data losses !

See you on : safe://simple-forum/ :slight_smile:


It’s hard to be aware of this thread and not be a screaming, raving safe network fanatic.

This is the best evidence of massive progress that I’ve seen from this project: Actual, working apps, leading me to believe that there’s an actual, working dev platform being built and that SAFE will be an actual, working replacement to today’s cloud systems and dev toolkits.



Works great, Ill second what faddat said - seeing working apps is AWESOME.

When I hover over the like heart its says soon? is that from before likes were possible?


mm yes, it is broken right now. It works for me as the owner of the hostname, but it spits ‘access denied’ for other users, so I set this hover title until I figure out where I screwed up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes yes yes :slight_smile: Apps are what will take SAFE mainstream.

Just compare the SAFE apps available today to the Ethereum “Dapps” available, and even the Bitcoin dapps “satoshi dice” etc, to see how all these blockchain projects don’t stand a chance :slight_smile:

SAFE Apps are focused on the mainstream use cases, unlike pretty much everything else out there


sorry for the question, what is the Message ID?


It’s for the email app


Is missed the link to this, but will give it a try this evening. It would be awesome to actually use a safe forum app for genuine discussion instead of a clear net one.

Website (dull, I’m afraid!): safe://traktion


I’m also back: safe://mysongs.fiee/
ID fiee