Alpha 2 Community Websites, Apps & SAFE Messaging IDs


safe://todo, source code in GitHub here.
I’ve altered the Vue.js implementation of
It could be that you have to try (reload and/or restart tab) a couple of times.
You know it is ok when the ‘{{ todo.title }}’-msg disappears and you don’t get an ‘error 2000’-msg popup.
Now I haven’t anymore time to look at this problem (someone else can of course…). When I was testing with mock routing, I didn’t have this problem: probably something to do with the fact that the real network is a bit slower.

@drehb: My todolist is stored in the ‘_public’-container in the entry with key name ‘key_TodoMVC’. The format of 1 element of the JSON list: [id,title,complete], eg.: [1,“to do entry nr1”,false].
->With this information you should be able to access this todolist with another app/safe website.
As I understand it, this way it should not be possible to share the todolist with another user.
Ps: I’ve used also a lot of async/await and eslint to indent/check js file.

What is not clear for me: is it in this example in practice that more secure if I went for a private container, like e.g. _documents instead of _public? That means more work (en- and de-crypting the entry value), but if you don’t know the address (xor name) of my Public container, it doesn’t matter I think? So if really not secure enough: can someone hack my todolist and tell me the contents :wink:

Also, I’ve tried to use a favicon.png: it shows (=icon left of tab title) in Chrome, but not in the Safe Browser. What am I doing wrong?


email ID: mrmagpie. Love to get some mail :wink:



This is an attempt to use a publicly shared mutable, just for learning and demo purposes.

You can pick colors at the bottom of the screen, then click on the map to move the corresponding pawns at your will.
When you are happy with the positions, you can share them on the Safe network with the blue Safe icon button.

beware, each time you hit the blue Safe button it will eat some puts from your account.

Next step will be to make something usefull :smiley:

EDIT : cool :smiley: someone moved the thingies

Collection of links to sites on Safenet Alpha 2
10 key facts about SAFE Network

safe:// (for information about how to use the faucet please look at this post)


Someone was asking how to do a slideshow website, so I made a simple little .NET Core 2.0 cross platform app to generate one. Sample of generated output here: safe://sampleslideshow.drehb/

When you execute the app (sorry, just command line for now), you pass it a directory that contains your photos. It will find all of the photos in the directory and generate a webpage that shows the photos in a slide show. You can then upload your ‘index.html’ file, along with your photos by using the web hosting manager.

See safe://sampleslideshow.drehb/generateSlides/howToGenerate.html to find the instructions on how to download and run the app that generates the webpage, or see its C# source code.

note - it doesn’t do any reformatting of the pictures, so you’ll probably want to look after the file sizes yourself before hand (your site will load slowly if you use high res photos)

Photo slideshow

I have my email address published, but I’m wondering how to find people to email with. Is there a list or a search function? Thanks

email: mn1247


No, just use those posted above but not everyone will be checking their SAFE mail so maybe let them know here if you want to play.


Hello there :smiley:

I hope this one will feel more useful !


Let’s pick a can and paint the wall together :smiley:

Share your art with the blue Safe icon ( 1 PUT )
You can also clean up the wall if you feel so !

crossing fingers that it won’t fail :grimacing:


I’m not too good with a spray can!


I’ll mail you. And the list of people are on top of this thread.

email: folatt



Neat Tiddlywiki game that Jed Carty made.
SAFE message me at: jico




hey @upstate would u mind making this OP a wiki so everyone can add their stuff,

and I can offer to go through all the sites / apps and make descriptions for each of them, or something.

This is a great topic to have, for Alpha 2, and just wanna help it grow. Thanks!


Before doing so I want to run this idea past the rest of the @moderators.


@whiteoutmashups, This has been turned into a Wiki as requested.

If you have a safesite or email ID to add to the lists use the image in the lower right hand corner to add them.



the highscore on is stored from Testnet-19 ??

I could tell, because I set it :smile:

Upload a "hello world" app on Alpha 2

in some day, there will be a bridge like proxy/gateway between https?:// and safe:// protocol comes out. I guess :crazy_face:

my safe blog: safe://blog.emufly


Most of these websites are not using the network for storage - they are just simple JavaScript sites being loaded from the network - not much different from running it from your hard drive.

No data is carried over from Test 19, so any persistence must be in your browser /local storage.


It’s just, I downloaded and installed a new version of SAFE browser.
Did not think it would have access to any local storage or anything from a previous installation.

Does it have that?
I guess it has somehow, since there is no data carried over between the network versions.


I’m not sure, but you can examine the local storage if you open the browser console.