Alpha 2 Community Websites, Apps & SAFE Messaging IDs

  • ID: zc456 - it was tomiscw but, well, things kinda got screwed up.
  • Website(s): sandbox.tpw


Maybe I missed it, but how does one obtain such a simple domain name (e.g. safe://vidy). So without a subdomain/extension? Thanks!


You choose ‘www’ as service (website), so e.g. safe://vidy = safe://www.vidy


Thank you for the quick reply! Great :slight_smile:


Mind sending me a message covering everything with regards to this? I want to implement it as a safecms feature. :slight_smile:


That’s more a question for @joshuef and his collegues I think: developer of Peruse (and original developer of SAFE Browser).
I think they used this convention, because it was already there in the browser code they started with or something like that.
http://www… -> http://…, so also safe://www… --> safe://…


The SAFE API Overview goes into detail of this in the DNS section and in the SAFE Browser explainer in the Mechanics of SAFE Applications and Websites section, but is really just shorthand for writing SAFE URLs.


@Shane, what info are you looking for exactly?

(If you want to see where the www default is set, you can see over here in webFetch; if not, let me know!)


I was misunderstanding - the safecms actually already supports www sub domains obviously, I just didn’t realise it was that simple. Just needs a prompt to tell they user they can do that.


I didn’t realize it was this easy to get a site directly on the public id. Looks like you got a new feature for free! :grin:


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Before I forget it… this entire forum should be backed up on the safenet on launch as a historical document.


It is obvious list doesn’t scale well. We need a search engine.


My email id is: sniper

i would like to receive mail and get this running.

what’s your id?


and can i mail to addresses on the internet 1.0?


No…20 chars…


cjohnson, I sent you mail but I can’t see my sent mail lol


This thread might need closing or the like since we’ll have the Alpha 2 reset Wednesday? @moderators


I’ll close this topic then.
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