Alpha 1 shouldn't have been taken down

Hi I just want to note my frustrations with the fact that Alpha 1 was taken down and we haven’t had anything for a month since then.

It’s kind of a slap in the face to devs and made the Asia trip very awkward at times, saying, “yeah we could work on something, but wait there’s no network right now. But please don’t get mad because blah blah etc”

There are many people involved in this project and we’re trying to continue along and help, but I think that an Alpha shouldn’t be taken down until the next replacement is stable and has been proven and running.

Then and only then should the previous one be taken down. even if the previous one has bugs here and there!! We should never be left with absolutely absolutely nothing

Alot of people have fallen off, but please support those of us who continue to stay with you no matter what! We have app competitions to start, etc.



I think the lesson has been learned and the delay wasn’t entirely unforeseeable but it is what it is. You can still test on mock run networks can’t you? Regardless I get your point and sympathize.

I’m glad you’re voicing your opinion so this doesn’t happen again but remember the team is busy and looking ahead and sometimes that means things get overlooked. Again I agree with you, just maybe not the phrasing perhaps.


Who’s up for trying a public community network? So what it gets filled again. Worth a shot.


I’ve always been a huge fan of this.

Alphas are preferred I guess but community networks stand for something much more powerful :slight_smile:

Are any of the past vault releases capable of enabling us to start one right now?