Almost 6 million Maidsafe stuck in masterXchange exchange no have process their Maidsafe withdrawals over 100 hours. Anyone have more information about this? In sell orders are 5.9 million Maidsafe coin and how much are account balances what arent in sell orders?

Also MSC, XCP, XCP assets and BTC are stuck so we can wait everything what are there are stuck also. Support no have answer over week…

Are this next exchange which scam users coins and moneys…?

I don’t think that’s the case. As far as I know and can tell from my dealings (as a customer) with them, they’ve they’ve been responsible and paid attention to security.
I have some deposits there, not much, but even if I had more I wouldn’t worry at this point.

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Yes, not worried yet, same here Janitor - there is a lot of fud and trolling going on on the exchange. It’s 2 French guys, they process withdrawals manually (for security) and it usually takes up to 48 hrs. I would worry if there is no response from them on their troll box by tonight/tomorrow, because the fud is reaching here and bitcointalk - there will be a run on the bank, then they won’t be able to manually process loads within 48 hrs - it could spiral…so I am hoping for a response. Maybe a clever techie person could check wallet movements…dunno, but I wouldn’t go by the fud. There is also an attempt by 1 guy holding millions to depress price to buy cheap I think (he also pumped a lot on the way up with the price - been there from the start. It’s difficult to ascertain correct price really due to the manipulation. Not looked for a while, but there were huge buys added at around 0.00008 a couple of weeks ago - I think the aim is to move market to buy near this price.
TBH, I would have expected a negative price correlation with BTC, but it appears to follow it - Maid lumped together as blockchain tech I think is the reason - this shows at least a large part of traders literally don’t know what they’re dealling with. Great buying time at moment though.


I expected and still expect that to happen, but not just yet.


Because at this very moment MAID (and other similar) crypto equity is still just meaningless bits of data stored on top of the blockchain. They don’t represent much.
This should turn around once these bits start representing actual physical goods and services, such as disk space and network data delivery
I believe eventually - assuming these apps come into existence - such crypto equity will decouple from the price of bitcoin. I bought some cryptoshares today thinking that they won’t decouple in the negative direction, but they may decouple in the positive direction.

I just realized this post is completely off topic… Sorry about that folks.


It comes with talking to me…I veer off at tangents…lol

Its sabotage attempts, just like the negative PR. It should be taken as a deep complement.

I would not recommend keeping anything lingering on the exchanges;

Also, @warren MaidSafeCoin is the source of the biggest part of masterXchange’s income I doubt they’d sabotage this;


Sorry I didn’t mean that. Just that noise in the channel is predictable in lead up to launch and for a while there after. Engineered problems should be expected. I don’t know but the site was down for a while yesterday. I see negative PR elevating. If SAFE is in the sights of NSA… that would seem to be par for the course. If you guys are widely releasing opens source source code as it goes through its updates that’s pretty solid insurance. It stops the really nasty stuff with the same whack a mole decentralization that stops all their other centralized efforts. The are divided and conquered. Maybe they change tactics, see the light and try to be of help, but that might be years away.

This is definitely true, though with any bad remark, the tables can be turned;

Very sad to hear this. I have a small balance on there as well.

Sounds like they’re scamming now because:

  • 1 week ago they told me via support email that XCP assets can’t be withdrawn, but only XCP when apparently it’s everything
  • they haven’t prevented deposits
  • they haven’t emailed users to warn them that withdrawals are broken

The only explanation for this behaviour I can think of is that they’re planning to run off with people’s balances.

Very annoying, and I hope there’s another explanation, but not warning users that they can’t withdraw is inexcusable if it’s a technical error, and par for the course if it’s a scam.

Edit: yeah, this is worded too strongly & it seems that there’s evidence that MaidSafeCoin and Bitcoin withdrawals are fine, but there is a problem with XCP asset withdrawals, which they’re working hard to fix. Hope they get it sorted soon & figure out ways to improve communication of future issues.

Has anyone else verified this? Or is the OP the only one having difficulty withdrawing? MasterXchange makes money through trades and withdrawals…so not accepting withdrawals is a bit worrying - if it is true.

I do have buy orders on the exchange and they are going through as the price goes down - so trades are happening. Is there a how-to somewhere on withdrawing from the exchange - I’ve considered it before, but have been trusting of the exchange.

I made a withdrawal of Maidsafecoin yesterday from Masterxchange and it was processed and sent out within the 48 hour period. I’ve never had a problem with Masterxchange, it seems to be very well run.


To hear what?
There’s nothing but unofficial wild guesses about the reasons behind withdrawal difficulties.

Unless you’re familiar with the way their internal processes work, your guesses are completely arbitrary.

But… but… resident MasterXchange experts said …


I’m sad to hear that:

“exchange no have process their Maidsafe withdrawals over 100 hours.”

“Also MSC, XCP, XCP assets and BTC are stuck so we can wait everything what are there are stuck also. Support no have answer over week…” (Edit: BTC and MaidSafeCoin withdrawals are working fine)

If true, this saddens me because it indicates big problems at masterxchange. It seems it’s not just XCP assets that are being withheld, but Mastercoin assets & Bitcoin as well. This is contrary to what I’d officially heard from them a few days back.

Again, if what OP says is true & there are wider withdrawal problems & they haven’t warned users, then it’s either very bad customer service, or an indicator of potential fraud.

If they are indeed processing withdrawals & OP is making stuff up, then it’s not such a big deal, so it’s good to hear from other users that some Maid withdrawals are being processed.

Don’t you think there’s something suspicious about an exchange having withdrawal problems, but not announcing them or warning depositors?

They also don’t get in touch with people who have tried to withdraw but leave you hanging until you get in touch (which happened to me With an XCP asset). Again, this is at least poor customer service.

I don’t know anything about their internal processes, but that’s irrelevant.

I apologise for giving my non-expert opinion & bow to your snarky superiority.

I’m sorry for hurting your feelings, but you implied they may be stealing customers’ money.

Do you understand the seriousness of such statements?
In your opinion, what would be appropriate response to someone making such comments about you, your company or MaidSafe?

(I have no business interest in MasterXchange.)

Ok, fair enough, but I did give a second option: bad customer service, and gave my reasons for why it looks like scamming, assuming they’re capable of communicating with customers but choose not to.

MasterXchange does process withdrawals.

Also stop complaining about the customer support, they do answer question.


The issue I mentioned with customer support wasn’t whether they answer questions, but that they don’t tell customers that withdrawals are broken before they deposit or attempt to withdraw, so they take a trade fee on a service they can’t make good on.

Obviously you guys are very confident that there’s nothing wrong & technical issues explain it all, and I hope you’re right, but I’m surprised you don’t think they should be communicating to customers that they have issues with withdrawals (even if only XCP assets) before they deposit.

If the XCP asset withdrawals have been fixed and the OP is making up the 100 hour delay etc, then that’s great, but I hope MasterXChange learn to communicate similar issues more effectively in the future.

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Withdrawals are not broken. They do all withdrawals manually so this statement is completely false.
It takes 48 hours as they stated on the withdrawal page. If you can provide real proof they didn’t send your funds please post it here.


It’s not false - I waited 11 days before emailing support about an XCP asset withdrawal that was stuck, and they said themselves that they were having issues with XCP asset withdrawals. I cancelled the withdrawal.

OP says that the problems are wider (including MaidSafeCoin & Bitcoin), which I can’t verify, but if true, it is very worrying.

If it’s not true, then the only issue is/was XCP asset withdrawals & communication with customers.