Allow there to be billionaires or allow people to retire?


The current American conservative war on the American public is making it so no one can retire. People have nothing to look forward to but being worked to death in old age sickness or imposing in the most undignified ways on their children- assuming they have children. Public employees face the absolute uselessness of being forced (so called defined contribution) to subsidize Wall St. with their incomes and have no guarantee of retirement. Banking clowns call this evil criminal bullshit sharing the risk. They love to tell people that they will have less of a chance of becoming millionaires or billionaires if they don’t capitulate. So we are expected to trade crucial retirements for the uselessness of more billionaires. This is the total subjugation of the people, a result said to be worse than war and result in its justification.

Sorry, I can’t help it, but the propaganda is becoming so abjectly stupid as well. Fox for instance puts out faceless stuff like this just today: A Muslim man was caught trying to set off a car bomb in an attack on nearby people setting up xmas tree lighting- he tried to set it off with his cell phone but he bought the equipment for the bomb from FBI informants. As if anyone would actually think at this point that it wasn’t just entrapment or an outright black lie. It’s more 911 style slop. At the same time we have claims of an Ebola outbreak in the US, which of course reminds me of the government’s alleged sending of SARs (was that the FBI?) to Senators in the lead up to 911.

We need stuff like ProjectSAFE as fast as possible to make necessary lie Machiavellian false flag stuff impractical as fast as possible and stop the continued rape of the public by conservative billionaires. I don’t think we’d need international cooperation or have to worry about capital flight, we could do it with straight tax and a strategy like Russia used with Yukos. When they talk “enemies foreign and domestic” what do you call a group that wants to impoverish the general population and claims that anything else is hateful injustice? “National security,” rhetoric, bad as its always been, becomes completely intolerable when its aimed at distracting from actual threats. Once again, allow the censorship of sponsor based, ad based media and this will always be the result.


Dude this anti-billionaire, anti-capitalist, anti-Right stuff is getting old. Seriously what about all the harm the Left does? America doesn’t really have a strong left. From my perspective America is center to right, they’re not really that much left. You don’t really know what you’re talking about. Have you ever lived on welfare? Have you ever tried to start a business in a heavily regulated state? Have you ever even taken a look at all the local laws in various communities that prevent independence in favor of catering to the “community.” Seriously your railing against only one end of the political and economic spectrum is losing you credibility with me.

We need project safe to allow us to get rid of all forms of authority, right and left, corporate and state. And after all your blathering on against billionaires I’m surprised you never mention the obvious solution: dissolve corporate charters. Oh but wait if we did that whole countries would cease to exist! The U.S. and Canada are CORPORATIONS! So are pretty much any other country on the planet. Taxing the rich? Jesus that’s such a small concept to be batting around. How about the dissolution of the strawman, the corporate person, thereby restoring personal reputation building and private honesty to business. What about dissolving the nation state concept as we know it and treating people like human beings based on what they do, think and believe.


Seriously? Who do you possibly imagine yourself to be? The entire purpose of this project is to enable people. All people. Big, small, rich, poor… even advertisers! The only thing I’ve ever seen you post is trying to take things away from people, rights, money, inheritance. Please try to be constructive. Figure out ways to disincentive things you don’t like by proposing a better solution, not “banning” something you don’t like. That’s taking away my right to do it.


There is a saying - ‘don’t blame the people, blame the game’. The state enables these people by making up rules which hurts the little guy and rewards the wealthy.

There is no level playing field. There are no universal principles the state follows. The rules are arbitrary and can be changed through money, which are then enforced through violence.

Finally, the wealthy can be parted with their wealth without stealing it from them. Offer them something they want and they will trade. Ofc, much of their wealth may have been taken via proxy violence, but if you believe that to be the case, then make it and suggest how those harmed can be compensated.

Just suggesting theft on an uber grand level, just because they have something others may want, is not a principled position to take.


The quesiton itself assumes the ability and right to permit or deny, to enable or prevent things for others, based upon one’s own view of how things should be.

Thus the question implies an immoral element that makes it impossible to answer morally.

And by "moral,’ here, I’m not talking religion. The question “Is it more moral to spend these taxes on war or welfare?” completely overlooks the fact that the taxes themselves are a product of theft and/or extortion and thus cannot be justified as moral. The question of whether they’re a result of theft or extortion is easily determined by the fact that you can go to jail or suffer other penalties if you don’t pay.


I’ve believe I’ve mentioned dissolving corporate charters many times, and going back to conditional charters. And even the doctrine of Quo Waranto that the English monarch had in place to terminate corporations. I hear you about my fixation on the right and the problems the left can and does create.

Now living in the states my position is that the country, the population itself is left and increasingly so especially where people know what their interests are, but the power structure is stupidly right and not center right. Solid Republican positions from 30 years ago are now considered leftest in the media and in Washington. If its not reversed it will go hard right. It already has behind the scenes with secret laws and secret courts and the ability of the President and Secretary of State to ignore habeus corpus and disappear people without a paper trail. It’s also been spying on all of it citizens- granted this is not new, but Americans used to sneer at China and Russia where mail was opened and read all the time or East Germany where the interrogation would begin mid phone call as soon as you said the first questionable thing the interrogator would break in demanding answers. We in effect have had martial law since 911. The veneration Americans have for 911 needs to be replaced by ridicule and contempt so we can investigate it and get rid of the martial law.


The population of the states is left? Compared to what? From my perspective you’re still way in the center. Even your most “leftest” people are centralists as far as I’m concerned. And considering that I’m for the abolition of government I have no problem with the states going far right.

This is not a characteristic of “the Right.” This is a characteristic of a corrupt government. Please do not confuse a corrupt government or a fascist government with “Right wing politics.” If you’re going to criticize someone at least criticize them for something they believe in or are championing. The Right is about having small to no government, promotes individuality, liberty, and if you want to take the conservative bent on it traditional moral values (skip the moral values if you’re a libertarian and believe government has no right telling people how to live).

Again this is not a symptom of “the Right” but rather of fascism and corruption. Corporatism is just a new name for fascism. You seem to be anti-plutocrat from the way you express your views. Much of the things you object to are a result of plutocracy and are a pretty obvious consequence of allowing lobbying and the merger of business and the state. Government and corporations are scratching each other’s backs. But that’s fascism for you not expressly Right wing.


Ok fair enough. Facist pretending to be consevatives have taken over the Republican party and to a good extent the Democratic party and are implementing a facist agenda.


Now this I can agree with and actively oppose. To sum up when you mix government with business you get fascism. Government has no place telling private individuals what to do. And business has no place influencing government. Of course considering government by it’s very nature is coercive the two are bound to clash, meld and you get fascism then rebellion over and over again until people give up this concept of statism but that’s kind of how things go.