Alex Jones Info Wars banned from Apple, Facebook, YouTube & Spotify



Love him or hate him. This is a BIG purge. A purge on free speech.

Who are they to decide what we choose to listen to.

Clearly collusion.

Where was the ban on the News media outlets who promoted the fake WMD news which led to the deaths of millions of innocent Iraqi’s including women and children?

ALEX JONES DEPLATFORMED: The Safe Network Now More Important Than Ever!

As many of you probably already know, Alex Jones has been deplatformed and this post isn’t about Alex Jones. It is about a nasty precedent in the process of being set which makes the success of The Safe Network absolutely paramount!

For those reading who might not be tech-heads or experts, I am going to explain the urgency of this in as simple of terms as possible.

Within a 12 hour period, Alex Jones has been deplatformed from Spotify, Apple, YouTube and Facebook virtually simultaneously. In my opinion, there is no way that the time frame was mere coincidence. This feels like a coordinated attack.

Though these platforms have vomited out a small novel of specific pseudo-reasons for having done this, I will simplify them all into one: they disagree with his opinions, they don’t like his style and they find him offensive.

If they can succeed at doing this for someone as big as Alex Jones who has a lot of money, lawyers, and so on – just imagine what they could do to us?

Furthermore: though they haven’t gone this far YET, if the powers who assume they be decide to take it to the domain name registrar level – they could effectively strip him of the ability to even have his own platform on his own site, by taking away his domain name.

Just imagine a future Internet in which if someone disagrees with you or doesn’t like you for any reason – that not only could you be banned from social media, but even prevented from doing your own thing in your own corner of cyberspace?

The Safe Network provides an environment in which domain names on The Safe Network are not only NOT under any form of central control, but you can have any name you want as long as it is not already taken, and it costs noting. Because a domain on The Safe Network is hosted on the vault system and not on any one specific computer – there is no way to take down a website that exists on The Safe Network.

The Safe Network looks to be like it can provide a safe haven for content creators, be they as big as Alex Jones – or some teenager making commentary from his room in his parents basement.

I think the events of the last couple of days proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Safe Network is not only needed – but needed sooner, rather than later.


I cant believe more people are not commenting on this or the other thread - I suppose peoples political bias is getting in the way maybe of their own freedoms… hmmmm - very silly IMHO if that is the case.

Tommy Robinson also banned from Instacrap, Alex Jones additional ban on Pinterest and LinkedIn…and MailChimp.

News just in Facebook blocking a republicans mid-term ad.

Cannot believe this.

I’ve not listened to Jones in probably over a year or two and even then it’s usually because I want to listen to a rant of his for some comedic value but since this has come out i’ve signed up and subscribed to the podcast and also the newsletter and i’ll be spending money at the store tonight

You guys surely must have a opinion on this.


Here’s one of the more ‘leftist’ (in :us: standards at least) youtubers, also against the ban.


Like him or not, he is now the #4 most downloaded app on the Appstore. I think Alex Jones would be very interested to hear about the SafeNetwork, although maybe it will not be smart to contact him about Safe till it is live:

The internet Dark Ages has now descended upon us, where radical left-wing tech giants run by deranged, mentally ill communists will decide whether your content qualifies as…


Super scary and the more days that tick by the more there is a need for people to once again have control of there information, money, data and everything else inbetween. This project can’t be finished soon enough.


I also thought all of us would stand squarely up against this, but just like the others I find the luke warm reaction very disappointing.

This is what we are building the network for.


Tribalism can be a very strong thing.


No need to contact Alex Jones. Once The Safe Network goes into public beta, Paul Joseph Watson will hear about it and then by proxy, so will Alex. It is an inevitability. Just as Infowars heard about BitChute from PJW, so will it be the same process for The Safe Network.

The day before the purge, BitChute was 19% funded. The day after, this figure boosted to 24% and climbing. So just as this purge is making BitChute in higher demand, so too will it make The Safe Network also in higher demand.


Controlled opposition. People do need to understand that most people who consider themselves to be “the left” are people living in the past who don’t realize that “liberal” isn’t what it used to be, but they still think it is what it used to be. They think Social Justice Warriors are fictional internet memes that don’t really exist. They don’t even know about most of the modern-left rhetoric because the only time the true left hears the rhetoric of the elite false left who has taken control, is when the right talks about it. And so therefore they automatically do not believe it, because the real left never sees the fake elite left talk. This is a part of what the algorithms do on things such as Facebook and beyond. They are to divide and conquer the masses. To make sure the real left doesn’t know about the dog shit the fake left is spewing, to make sure that the real right doesn’t know about the dog shit the fake right is doing – and so that the real left only ever hears about it when the right complains and so they dismiss it outright. And the real right only ever hears about it when the real left complains, so they dismiss it outright. Everyone is being played by the wall street elite that has full control of every country on this planet. And they only have this because we are ever so happy to hand it over to them blindly. The only hope for the people to wake up and realize how they are being played, is for the elites to throw these toddler tantrums, like the one they’ve just thrown in deplatforming alex jones. Its going to get worse and it needs to, because neither the left nor the right will realize that they have been being played off of each other by a globalist controlled satanic fake left and satanic fake right, until it hurts enough and defies enough belief systems. Sadly, even most truthers still have one foot in the matrix because they think they can fix the system, using the system. Buckminster Fuller once said that you defeat the old by building the new, rendering the old obsolete and unusable. Well, all groups and movements and all of their sanctimonious virtue signaling and worship of the old system have shown that they don’t want to build the new and they are like a 12 year old who just found out there is no Santa Clause and is desperately searching for evidence that Santa truly does exist, not knowing that their efforts are futile. Thats where all groups and movements are at. The only way to bring down the old satnaic systems, is to build the new systems. And the only way to build the new systems, is by voting with our dollars instead of expecting a savior at the polls to rescue us. More and more people are waking up to this truth and accepting it but still, the majority of so-called truthers and the so-called awakened still fight against this knowledge. And it doesn’t matter how much they know about the globalists, they still are trying to hold onto the globalist systems and are terrified of working with each other because working against each other is all we humans know, and all we have been taught. Being willing to learn something new is difficult, when we’re used to living in tyranny. As Harrier Tubman once said, her biggest difficulty was not the physical movement of slaves through the underground rail road to freedom in the north. Her biggest problem was getting the slaves to realize that they were slaves at all. I hope they take Alex Jone’s domain names next, so that he might consider voting with his dollars and putting money into things like the development of decentralized networking, such as The Safe Network by MaidSafe. Globalist controlled domain name services make it easy to silence people simply by revoking a person’s ability to have a domain name. On a decentralized system, the revoking of a domain name is impossible, because there is no central control of that system. Yes, that means domain names are free on a decentralized platform. If more globalist tantrums are what people need to realize the truth of controlled opposition and to have a willingness to unite instead of the in-fighting and bickering and all of the stuff everyone has been doing to serve and empower the globalists – then let it rain globalist temper tantrums. Let there be a false flag a day and twice on sunday. Let social media profiles be removed by the thousands and domain names by the douzens. Whatever amount of punishment we need to take to back us into a corner to make us desperate enough to unite and defeat our common enemy – let it be done!


Twitter for example won’t suspend Alex Jones (for what he tweeted up until now), as you can read in this Tweet thread of it’s CEO Jack Dorsey.
If I see the Tweet replies there I suspect that Jack is not (always) happy with Twitter’s (potential) power and therefore responsibility to ban or not…


NiceI And surprising. Here is my reply:

Read from bottom to top for chronological order.


Here is Rogan discussing the issue.

I think Alexs show is probably going to become more popular than ever.

I believe I saw his app was #1 on the play store for news :joy:



Absolutely! Even Alex himself continues to affirm this over and over. This is an attack on free speech itself, not an attack on Alex Jones. The attack on Alex Jones simply helps to make more people aware of the issue, but Infowars is by no means the crux of the issue.