Albert Pike's 'Three World War Letter' 1871

" think humans have been subject to a sustained and prolonged attack on their capacity for recognising or utilising the power of their own consciousness, by a small group who have found it advantageous to their own aims to actively prohibit the development of everyone else"

Agreed. News is not what it appears to be as its intent is to wage war on the human psyche by manufacturing fear and stress to which the victims turn to relief through billion dollar pharmaceuticals, alcohol and recreational drugs.

I read a while back on an occult analyst’s research who said some guy involved with the porn industry said you can control people by keeping them preoccupied with booze and their sexual indulgences and if you look at porn it is now pretty much accessible for free and booze is available on every corner.

Lao Tzu rides the bull, Durga rides the tiger, in the West, we tie our lineage to Romulus and Remus, the infant founders of Rome depicted ‘under’ the she wolf while they nurse from it. This is is symbolic of the Western mind being servants to the beast instead of like their Eastern counterparts who ride and are in control of it. Plus Lao Tzu is an elderly respected wise man where in the West, aging is frowned upon and feared hence all the plastic surgery and desires to stay young with cosmetics(might seem like I’m on a tangent) but these industries profit off people’s fears.

Like Romulus and Remus, our society nurses from the she wolf, we feed off the beast which represents our lower carnal minds and the carnal mind is enemy of the divine (Romans 8:7).

"It may appear like laziness, but I think its more like the after effects of shock. Distractable, compliant… Being constantly told what to think, what is up, what is down - offered left or right, hot or cold? We’re presented with endless, polarised, limited choices, and the picking of one is masqueraded as freedom"

Regardless of the systematic efforts of mind control, the human mind operates through polarities naturally. We are wired that way. Savvy politicians and marketeers who have spent millions on R&D know how the mind works and capitalize on playing upon those vulnerabilities. There are three main aspects of the mind, negative, positive and neutral. The negative mind operates the fastest out of the three and carries the qualities of ‘protective, reactive and defensive’. You can see this in how people behave on a daily basis and if you are honest with yourself, you can see it in your own patterns of behaviour when confronted with an idea or ideology that does not match your attachment of personal experiences that have been adopted as identities.

Everyone has a story, be it religious, national, cultural, linguistic, political etc…when a new concept challenges the status quo there is resistance and that is the negative mind. This is why Trump was able to play on fears of the electorate by claiming raping Mexicans were flooding across the US borders. Whether it is/was happening or not, it planted a seed of fear and an endorsement for a wall to ‘protect’. React, defend, protect…all traits of the negative mind.

Yoga and meditation cultivate the neutral mind. That is where our next leap of evolution will be. We moved from hunter gatherers, to farming communities, to mechanized farming and migration to urban environments to service and technologies and whatever else…the next stage of evolution is consciousness.

You are a sovereign being with the capacity to control how you react to your environments and are not entirely helpless to the environments projected at you.

There was a yogi who was imprisoned and after a few months was told he could leave. He asked if he could stay a while longer as his work was not done. The film, ‘Life is Beautiful’ conveys this beautifully where the individual does not let the situation deter him from enjoying himself.

Left wing, right wing are simply opposite ends of the same absurdity. The universal consciousness or source is neutral. When we die, the bugs and bacteria don’t care if we we are liberal, conservative, muslim or hindu. God does’t bless America and curse Mexico. These are all manmade concepts and these concepts will no longer hold their weight in the Age of Aquarius for the effect of the celestial light has shifted from the angles of the Piscean.

Light is photon and photon polarizes at a specific angle. Angles come from ‘angel’ and an angel is a messenger of light that carries important information. Photon is an intelligent messenger particle that polarizes at specific angles. We need to come into alignment with the celestial light to effect the download.

Human Consciousness has no choice but to bud and eventually blossom as the plants and flowers are helpless to surrender to the energy of the Sun in Spring.

Yeah, humanity is numb and dumb but from what I’ve been told, we don’t need 100% to ‘wake up’ so to speak. We certainly haven’t seen the worst from the overseers who are not going to relinquish control without a fight but a cockroach scurries when exposed to the light!

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I think all this is a bunch of made up conspiracy theory although a wee bit exaggerated here, I would agree that he was able to realize and predict the patter of WW1 and WW2. As for the upcoming WW3 it is fairly obvious that the Israel and Middle East has lots of tension and thus it is a possibility for the start of it.

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Just pointing out one among many inaccuracies, but this I think is the most important. Satanism and Luciferianism are two COMPLETELY different things. So to say someone “in their own words claimed satanism” and then quote said person who references Lucifer, well sorry but my opinion is you need a little more study time and you aren’t ready to have this talk or even have access to this kind of info. I’m not discrediting the Klan origin or any of the previous or latter statements, only tackling the way you lumped Lucifer and satan together😂 That’s not an educated statement.

Yours Truly
A Luciferian

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I have a vague sense of the difference from reading but would you mind clarifying.

And this “…or even have access to this kind of info.” is this suggesting more care?

Clearly luciferians and satanists don’t agree they are at the same not so secret theosophical party. Its definitely not one I want to go to… But for those that do wish to attend, I will concede that there are two distinct lines for entry…

As for PIke and his letter. No clear evidence demonstrated to prove he wrote it to Mazzini. But clear evidence to prove they were co-founders of the heinous KKK. Clear evidence linking Luciferianism with Masonry. Subjective evidence linking feelings of gloom, doom and general malaise with over exposure to details of the aforementioned.

I did not stop to question you about your differentiation between satanism and luciferianism, which you may want to expound upon.
I reject saturn worship in its many forms. Including satanism and luciferianism…Personally I dont see a significant difference. To me they are ideological counterparts - both have their historical bases in ancient cultures, preceded by deities derived from even earlier deities and it is from this vantage point that I collate the two.The main distinction I can make is that luciferians appear to consider themselves more sophisticated and superior to satanists - rejecting the hallmark, simplistic self deification and rebellion for its own sake in favour of enlightenment through the teachings of the ‘morning star’. I do not find a sense of liberation or transendence in holding on to reproduced archetypes whose origins belonged in the politics of social control…always benefitting the few at the expense of many. There is a good reason why self proclaimed elitists, such as Pike, invisible sect freemasons and the committee of 300, were and are advocates and wish to see a mass adoption of luciferianism. I have plenty more to learn about it - I only discovered today that it is not a unified belief system. That there are a number of conflicting viewpoints and practises. Just like all the other religions. Even the religions that refuse to be labelled religions. Any organised belief system that relies and depends on dogma as opposed to an interpretation of sacred texts as a manual for spiritual self development seems like a project in misdirection. I’m going to cut & paste the following excerpt from a contributor on another forum with some historical references to light bearers. I don’t accept the luciferian doctrine, but I realise that you do. Respectfully, It would be interesting to know why it appeals to you and why you believe it is so different from satanism.

Lucifer, ‘bringer of light’ is a term describing the morning and evening stars, Eosphorus and Hesperos. The Greek Artemis (associated with Hecate), who is a variation of the goddesses Ishtar and Inanna, is the morning star of Venus. Artemis is shown often holding a torch, as is Hecate, who are the bringers of illumination and equally those who bring night.
One of the early origins for the myth of “Lucifer” as a form of the Adversary is found in the Ugaritic-Canaanite myths of Baal and Attar (Ashtar). In Hurrian mythology, Ashtar is represented as Venus, the Morningstar. One of the precursors to the later Enoch myths of the Watchers, Ashtar the Rebel is the Morningstar who is likened to the later kings of both Babylon and Tyre, ascending in rebellious fashion against the perceived natural order. This is one point in which the Adversary or rebel represents the lively and willful mind which utilizes the laws of nature to ascend. In an astral sense, Venus the Morningstar is the illuminated psyche which thinks and is bright first, which inspires a jealous Sun to then rise up and attempt to remove and blot out the light of the shining one."

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Brothers , the letter is real and is also mentioned in 1958 in the book Pawns in the game by William Guy Carr.
The 3rd will start before 2020’s elections.
Buy food , silver , gold.
It is too late to study the Kabbalah.

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It is very difficult to convince people who wish to believe otherwise that ‘conspiracy theory’ is a piece of terminology more useful to the oppressor than to the oppressed…
I would also add some Shungite to the shopping list. It can effectively purify and energise water and is known to attenuate harmful electromagnetic emissions - of increasing importance in relation to the so called ‘5G rollout’…a telecommunications industry euphemism for the domestic application of military developed weapons-grade electromagnetic radiation…
Personally, I believe the letter is a slightly antiquated example of predictive programming - self proclaimed elitists who seek to dominate and who use metaphysical laws to their advantage also do so with a strict adherence to the notion of ‘free will’ - and so, disclosure, even the obfuscated kind - in this case involving a letter whose provenance is not easy to establish - is of benefit and significance to them…
Pike and Mazzini were in close proximity to one another, in basic ideological and political terms. They co-founded the Ku Klux Klan, and I would posit that the ‘three war letter’ constitutes an example of correspondence between them.
Carr refers to the letter, and was also attempting to whistleblow about the activities of the ‘invisible sect’ freemasons in the 1950’s - Unfortunately this doesnt prove the existence of the letter itself. Personally, I dont require that proof. As I said, it appears to me to be both an example of predictive programming, and communication between like minded, and unfortunately, influential, inner sect masonic counterparts.
The ‘elite’ obsession with saturn worship is very likely an attatchment to a certain kind of negative electromagnetic vibrational frequency - and since vibrational frequency modulation appears to be an important aspect of the unfolding drama ahead - It will be a challenge to keep the imagination focused on strength, solidarity, love and compassion. But the alternative plays into the hands of those who seek to rule us. Fear, separation, hatred and conflict are squarely on their agenda. I dont subscribe to that, but clearly there is a spiritual war taking place. Universal metaphysical laws may appear to be operating under strict neutrality, but humans are capable of creating both good and evil. It is a choice…
A self elected minority who have no care or compassion for the vast majority can be considered to be operating under a successfully destructive system that they have chosen to best serve their own interests. That project is doomed to fail. There is more to this planet and more to our collective place on it than simply resulting in a massive reduction of all species, further enslavement and transhumanism imposed on the remainder - all so a handful of polished narcissists can scurry around subterranean complexes getting manicures and organising their next attempt to colonise somewhere less barren…
That is the potential ending to the result of the three wars. A subdued, reduced and subjugated majority existing in servitude, and the comittee of 300 and their cronies living underground eating caviar out of jars and beginning to plot and scheme against each other.
The extinction rebellion was an exercise in controlled opposition - a vehicle to harness vital energy, promote fear and panic and, as not so secret societies like to subvert archaic semiotics -broadcast another ancient rune - this time instead of a swastika it was ‘dagaz’ - which refers to dawn and the end of the initiatory path…no mention of weather modification in relation to climate change or the mass scale millimeter wave radiation in line to modulate our own, human, electromagnetic vibrational frequencies…the cryptochrome & and vision-based double electron magnetoreception system bees and birds use to navigate is also being heavily disrupted by existing electromagnetic pollution - Shungite can help protect bees too…but lets get rid of 5G before its fully implemented…
Lets rewrite the script! Reject the program! Resist the invitation to our own destruction!
We can choose love and goodness. strength and compassion - for one another, for our beautiful planet and all life upon it…

It annoys me that without access to the original three war letter it is still impossible to prove it ever existed. Researching reports that it was on display in the british library did not produce any firm confirmation and unfortunately, Carr’s references in 1958 also do not constitute conclusive evidence though the content has most certainly been circulated since it appeared in his book.

Indisputably, Albert Pike co-founded the vile KKK with Giuseppe Mazzini.

Dismissing the letter itself does not change the fact that manufactured conflict and social control has been part of the self proclaimed elite agenda for centuries. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, from their earlier origins in Wellington House really did help manufacture the first two world wars - the widespread trauma these atrocities produced, left all survivors and future generations infinitely more psychologically pliable and that malleability was easily translated into social engineering by adept technicians…

The US currently has a senior scottish rite, knights templar, white supremacist freemason for a president, he is not grand master like pike - but certainly answers to one, and similarly continues to maintain close ties with fellow freemason Mazzini’s Mafia…

Among others…The fabian society, the tavistock institute, the club of rome, the royal institute for international affairs, the bilderbergers, the mont pelerin society…culminating with the committee of 300 - all are emeshed in senior level freemasonic subsets who all serve the same agenda. Their own. They actually consider the majority of the worlds population ‘useless eaters’ and themselves ‘guardians born to rule’. Its a truly grotesque viewpoint supporting the construction of a new ‘one world government’…

There is a good reason why weaponised microwave radiation is finding its way into a domestic setting at this stage. We have been duped into believing that any of the wireless technology is safe and now we face a whole new level of exposure to harmful types of electromagnetic radiation. Shungite can help with existing forms but the proposed mass installation of new 5G towers most certainly needs to be halted. It represents further destruction and control by a sordid cluster of bipeds intent on creating chaos simply to install an upgraded form of social incarceration that continues to benefit themselves and literally no-one, and nothing else.

I am an obstinate idealist and still believe there is potential for the majority to unite together - it would certainly help If the truth about the contrived nature of global conflict became common knowledge. But mass mobilisation is one thing, and mass rebellion is another. One occurs before the portcullis falls. The other when it has already dropped. Unfortunately, it has begun its descent already. The fact that crowd control devices such as the SS-ADT operate on the same bandwith as the 5G towers can support will mean that mass dissent will have been effectively stopped in its tracks before it gathers any genuine momentum. Albert Pike would be delighted…undoubtedly his successors are.
Due to the extensive research and funding that has gone into developing them over multiple decades there are some horrendously advanced devices and capabilities in the field of electronic and microwave warfare…sadly this is not science fiction.

I urge everyone to genuinely research the subject of millimeter wave radiation, its application as a weapon of war and its implications for life on this planet.

There is still time to reject the implementation of 5G!