Alan Greenspan's role as chief terrorist

Many of us have heard Greenspan’s spooky comment about the heart of his job being making sure the average person didnt get too comfortable. It always bugged me deeply. But someone reacently pointed out that it meant his job was to keep the average person living in fear through creating the conditions of insecurity so they couldnt come together and push for a higher standard of living. Fed chair as chief terrorist because business security in the age of artificial security is based on an ever decreasing standard of living and the transfer of more and more power away from citizens to the state and the wealthy.

Since Nixon its been a game of artificial scarcity and fear promotion to enforce it. You see the conservatives in particular waging what amounts to a war on the global population with relentless attacks on retirement, wages, with austerity and hollowing out infrastructure, surveilance and constant talk of terror and defunding education, conflation of money with speech. I think we know who the terrorists are know and we recognize their role of trying to scare away our rights and steal our futures while eliminating our quality of life. Their goal is our complete enslavement through economic terrorism. Our choice is to recognize it, oppose and reverse it completely.

Or we can just recognize that by an large our life expectancy and our standard of living has been going up over recent decades and we can ignore the propaganda altogether.

In general politicians and marketers are always in the business of stirring discontent. The way to fix that isn’t to make everyone have more stuff – the way to fix it is to make people recognize how good the stuff is that they have.

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I agree with part of your solution, and the wisdom in wanting and appreciating what we have vice wanting what we don’t have and chasing after it endlessly in blind consumerism. But I don’t agree with the assessment or quality of life for most people. Standard of living has been reducing in vital ways outside of saying that a King could have a an iphone in 1970.

Social mobility in the US has inverted, future generations are expected to have less than prior generations. People working more hours for less money. No real raises since 1970 despite huge productivity increases. CPI increases. Capital’s take is approaching 50% when it was about 25% for the 3 decades prior to 1970. Debt levels are about maxed. Health care has collapsed. Retirements are being stripped. People are working for big water to pay big cable and stuff like that. We have a series of massive toll road industries like insurance and health and finance that are sucking the wealth of the middle class to the point that we are facing a two class system. That wasn’t for lack of effort on the part of people who work. Real or structural unemployment is up hugely its way over the actual danger zone of 20%. In 1970 a family could get by on one income. Now it can barely get by on 2. We are funding education at the lowest levels in 80 years and conservatives keep bitching its too much.

Big corporations are sucking down huge amounts of societal resources but doing everything they can to avoid paying taxes even on a fee basis for the services and resources they take up. The wealthy are evading taxes at incredible rates with Cayman islands and the IRS has been largely privatized so that its almost a joke. We now also have white rage over a black president with middle eastern name to the point regular state executions for things like parking infractions making into the sponsored media- granted they would have been suppressed under Bush.

I live in the US, I am low middle class. I know many folks way poorer than I who get hundreds of dollars worth of food stamps, have bigger TV’s than I, relatively affordable health coverage, etc etc. No, people are not getting rich, but being poor isn’t anything like it was when I was growing up.

The only reason future generations are expected to have less than prior generations is because political nuts like you keep the mantra going. As technology advances, things become cheaper and more affordable. with 3D printing etc. Anybody who has a forecast, especially a gloomy one is ignorant. Game changing techologies change the game.

CPI numbers and stuff like that are the means of terrorism you are harassing Greenspan over. Then you go and quote the same propaganda? Who is the terrorist now??

The rich do what they have always done. As Technology expands, they will have even more tools at their disposal to do the same. And the state will have even less tools at it’s disposal to stop them.

That which cannot be sustained will not be sustained. Life isn’t about money.

The personal debt and structural unemployment stats aren’t things we can just overlook. Even anecdotally we can see that two incomes can barely do what one income used to do. And yet productivity numbers and profit are way up. That is not right and has to reverse because its leading to instability. Remember when Greenspan was advocating all those VARs and ARMs? OWS was real as was the flooding of the same place and 911 in the same spot before it, and its all related to the same not work out world view. Remember those ads used to attack liberal politicians in the 70s where the fat liberal white man would be getting out of his Lincoln Town car out of gas on the side of a desert road- the conservatives were saying they are going to run us aground by not minding the fuel gauge? Who is doing that now?