Airbus very serious about flying electric taxis (you in a drone)

The design looks great- much safer than a helicopter- doesn’t matter if a helicopter can auto rotate, I’ll take eight electric rotors over one rotor and electric anything over everything else. Airbus seems very very serious and Musk complemented them saying that he thought they would be very pleased with the out comes. And you think about it this finally makes sense and seems inevitable. Quite green and safe. No way humans could handle this. If you’ve ever seen drones play ball or build something you know what I mean. This may be also a for construction robots take.


Airbus or Tesla, if your listening I want active impact and and drag tech inside and outside without adding too much weight. A parashoot and the bounce tech the mars lander deployed and something as good inside. Want to survive 150 mph free fall impact. These things under automated control and with manual overrides.