AI will rid the world of politicians, management and capital

Narrow AI alone will very soon seriously displace politicians, management and capital simply through better organization plausible example below. General AI will rid the world of them. SI will punch through religion on three levels. First if there any type of veil to be made transparent it will/can translate it into understandable terms. It will be more convincing and credible than an source in human history- truly god like relative to use. Its action in the world will wipe away humanity or possibly quickly render the world or universe in completely alien terms-it depends how digital physics you want to go with it but it plausibly will have a local level editor real time and cheat codes.

For a plausible disruptive narrow AI scenario that would need almost no AI imagine a sports co-op run through phones. No need to care about sports to see it as a spreadable template.

Distributed automated organization/coop sans board, exec, managers, supervisors and sans investment outside or inside, based on membership not investment- conflict free charter- credit union for finance, anonymous real-time decision systems, greatly reduced overhead by using a FOSS approach with tech like SAFEnetwork, 5G mesh on IOT- handset driven

Vest at 5 years, retirement drawable at severance not at standard retirement. Pay as you go never investment based. Alienable to immediate family only. Membership cannot be transferred. No one owns, members control. Cannot be sold, only liquidated to members or to charity.

If a media coop it never takes money from sponsors or advertisers but only from legitimate end users, or like a credit union its end users are it members and it is automated above that. If it is a credit union it follows the same format.

These are supportive rather than extractive systems and use green sustainable zero waste approaches.

If consensus could not be reached in the real time anonymous decision system, the system could select randomly a temporary leader on that decision or decision to have a decision and still keep it all anonymous. In subsequent rounds of decision the course could be corrected by the ordinary mechanism or if need be new random anonymous selectees. Point is to use first democracy principles to prevent tyranny of majority. Some threshold of minority could trigger.

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So it will simply lie all the time and accept money?

(sorry couldn’t resist)

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