After the Browser, what's next?

Follow the money. What should the next crowdfunded app be for MaidSafe?

Bloomberg - Dropbox Is in Talks With Advisers for Possible 2017 IPO

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I was thinking the same thing. It could be a messenger App but we need and API for that and devs are working on datachain and routing at the moment. Safebox would be quite cool. Just a little map on your computer that’s empty as long as you are not logged in to the network. If you do it fills up with your personal files. But maybe the devs already have an idea for the next RFP. Who knows.


Well noted.

Also, Yahoo is a past example of a rags-to-riches story, a pioneer as a free webmail service. Therefore, a serverless email system is an obvious candidate for such crowdfunding. Email, being store-and-forward, might be implemented with the existing tools, as compared to (instant) messaging that requires development of the api.

EDIT: Then there’s something like the MS Outlook client on an MS Exchange server, a basic form of groupware, with inbox, shareable calendar, company address book and shared folder all in the one app. Those extras can be implemented one at a time, starting with an inbox, each plugin separately funded.

Furthermore, the Outlook client on an Exchange server has a crude form of “backup” (in the sense of protection against hard-drive failure) with its synching of local and server copies of the data. Very handy, since backup of email is often overlooked in data backup, and for many people email is their most important business use of a computer. But SAFEnet has “backup” baked in, along with security and privacy, the components of a killer email app.

[quote=“bluebird, post:3, topic:10793”]
serverless email system
[/quote] I was hoping for to fill that gap, maybe we should email them :stuck_out_tongue: You can self host Mailpile, but how to do that? Docker?

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Safebox… bingo! and I dont mean bingo the game. How is Dropbox a 10B$ company? (IMO soon to be a 50B$ company post IPO) Because storage is the oxygen of the internet.


Yeah I just want somewhere to safely, securely and privately store my photos and the likes.


is 't this basically just ‘messaging’? Which is already being covered?

Could add different ‘themes’ to it, to make it feel like your favorite email service

Mailpile, or any existing mail client. Maybe Roundcube too? The problem will be engineering them to use a completely new syncing protocol. Thats the same for other Groupware software - calender, contacts, tasks, journals etc… We should reuse the data formats where possible, but any client/server, or server/server communication would need to be rewritten.

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We had this thread somewhere, I forgot the name. It is social-commerce. We need ‘whatsapp’ social media with open bazaar system. This will blow every single system out of the water.


I might have been unclear in my terms. I was using “messaging” in the sense of something immediate and interactive, like chat. Then there’s non-interactive communications such as email, which can sit on some other computer for a while before it gets to you. Something like SMS (texting) is more the latter than the former.

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Since there is no server, SAFE messaging and email are synonymous. Behaviour will be more like SMS text messaging than email, but without all that stuff in the middle.


The distinction will still exist to the extent that delays exist in the transmission of the “messages.” If the delay for an application is long enough to prevent an interactive conversation then that will determine the design choices in the client: it will, in effect, be email even if you don’t call it that.

Given that the delays in SMS can be anything from sub second to minutes, or on occasion hours, while messaging on SAFE is just PUTing some data, I think it is safe :wink: to assume equivalence here.


I don’t think it is safe to assume equivalence. :slight_smile:

  1. Bigger amounts of data take longer to send. We can’t assume SAFEnet will be instantaneous and for any amount of data.

  2. People use email for different purposes than they use the telephone or chat or text. There’s not only the delay but the archival/papertrail nature of email as compared to those others - a matter of making a virtue of necessity in the past. But even if the delay of the email app becomes less than a second it will still be used for its archival/papertrail purpose. That’s what I meant by the design choices in the app.

Yes I agree on design choices that affect use cases - archiving being a good example. I didn’t realise that’s what you were referring to.

It is only part of the story. There’s the fact that we can’t assume instantaneous transmission of data.