After Tesla, Porsches seem obsolete and dirty

I used to look a Porsches and think art etc. but now they just seem old and obsolete, not even artful, really backwards.

The Germans are freaking out over losing the comparative advantage sunk into ICE tech and over losing visionary status to first mover advantage all over Tesla. The Japanese have a similar issue with switching to electrics but they don’t bitterly complain about Tesla.


It amazes me the Germans held onto their initial lead in ICE with Mercedes Benz’s first commercialization of the tech since its patent in 1886.

This next revolution is two-fold, one is electric drive trains, but the second, infinitely more powerful shift is thinking of the car as a software platform. I can see this definitively shifting to the US and Silicon Valley for the time being.

Once level 4 driverless tech is out, our cars will change beyond recognition - no steering wheels, more like living room pods that we probably wont even own, but rent Uber-style.

Teslas of today will look archaic pretty soon (“what? you actually own a car???”) and that Porsche will be a collectors item.

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Yes, and even as we go severless and mesh IOT cars will provide a solid chunk of proximate compute power and network node space brimming with sensors and output and lifi. That q learning stuff may start in the cloud but it will end up in them- they will become generalized robots.

The not so distant future from my perspective contains a lot of cord cutting and decentralization and car as software platform seema essential. I see green as a necessity and strategic advantage. Also see high indexed GAIs and oftware and direct democracy systems replacing hierarchy and ownership in all organizations.