Africa: Technological & Economic Potential and Challenges

Africa always impressed me by how fast it grasps, masters, and spreads new tech.

grew up in Nairobi, loved it but wish it was muuuch better off financially as a country. was a shame! the corruption is around every corner

perhaps we have the answer here!!


Oh yes whiteoutmashups. You are right on point.

We are unfortunately virtually overrun cum inundated with corruption and its debilitating effects. That is why we want to pioneer technology that outwits corruption-stifled governance and the deliberate systemic misinformation that it breeds, by building more seamlessly connected, informed, secure, and thus, empowered users across the continent.

And yes again, perhaps we have the answer here finally.

MaidSafe is a fantastic and exciting step in the right direction, and we are determined to leverage its network, technology, and dynamics to enthrone and sustain a user-driven ICT4D platform of ubiquitous broadband connectivity and functionally-relevant applications/solutions/services/content, modeled on the 3As + 1 - Affordability, Accessibility, Availability, and now thanks to MaidSafe - Anonymity!

Thanks MaidSafe; we are eagerly anticipating the successful and timely conclusion of the test runs, so that we can immediately plant the SAFE Network flag in our neck of the woods.

We know that some of the incumbent Mobile Network Operators and ISPs might not understand or want to support the pervasive and sustainable deployment of the SAFE Network, but being a developing market with a nice combination of frustrated unserved/underserved/poorly-served and price-gouged users, non-static dynamics, and innovation churn, we believe the time is right to ignite a decentralized platform of cloud-connected mesh networks, anchored on inexpensive user BYOD and BYOI (i.e. Bring Your Own Device AND Bring Your Own Infrastructure respectively).

We have an ingenious record of the latter (BYOI) in all spheres of life in most parts of SSA; private generators instead of reliable utility power, private boreholes instead of reliable pipe-borne water, private SUVs and other 4WD vehicles instead of good roads, etc. This is particularly so amongst our now shrinking middle-classes.

We believe we can harness this unfortunate concept, and turn it around by devolving an inexpensive platform for empowering and sustaining clusters of meshes of BYOI users, supported by in-demand broadband-delivered content and cloud capacity/services, which can unlock the voracious bottom-of-pyramid market irreversibly and disrupt the current Server/ISP dominated access model for the Internet in SSA.


Hi Whiteoutmashups,

I also spend the last 10 of my teenage years in nairobi, before I resettled in Australia in 2003. I was born in South Sudan, moved around a fair bit before getting some schooling in Nairobi. I got lucky and resettled through the usual UN programs to Australia.

Having lived in more then 4 different African countries, I think Central Banking in this African countries has made corruption simply nearly unavoidable. Note the incentive is for the worst characters to gain power so they can easily sypmhon off the people hardwork. Look at the inflation rate in most of this countries over 10 to 20years and you will see where the most injury is happening.

If you control the Money and the Government, how can any decent “THUG” Resist such temptations. I guess we are off topic here :-), can this be moved somewhere else [—>>> your wish is granted :slight_smile: ~ @happybeing]


Yeah…the problem seems to be that Africa tends to end up with grasping Masters.


Oh I see what you did there :slight_smile:

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@happybeing, Thanks for that, As always great work and thinking.

Al_kafir, I believe that the problem is really human to a certain extent :smile: Unfortunately in Africa’ its also cultural. We knew very little to do with the western institutions that we got thrown into during the colonial periods.

They worked well while they were managed by their owners however, once handed over during independence things went quickly to hell. There is alot more to it of course but that is basically the gist of it. One reason I am so excited about Bitcoin, Safecoin and blockchain tech is that we can in the coming years store our wealth in the cloud and leaders really have to do alot to convince people to chip into the collective bucket so to speak.

Bad leaders will push people away and good leaders may actually get things going. When it becomes so easy to make money by contributing very little to society(e.g. derivative paper shuffling, printing cash), corruption becomes almost impossible to avoid in some shape or form. Check out says alot about what may be going down in the U.S at the moment. He says alot about regulatory capture and how those with money can through lobbying pretty much get their way while the little guy suffers.