Affiliate features

Hello smart people,

can anyone tell me if the design of the network allows the creation of Affiliate programs. For example, if I advertise :jams: through a link of mine, is there any way for @Nigel to know that people are coming from me?


I don’t know enough of affiliate programs… how are those not liable to being fraud through spam… or perhaps does the credit only follow, once someone has signed up to a service? In which case normal url options for ?=thiscustomercamefromdimitar might work??

The network is base and about storing data; so, likely it would be applications that would do more. You could have a url bounce of some middle ground but to have that acknowledged would need a route to storing data - which I guess is some application; potentially a browser extension could allow this?.. paying for the trivial cost of saving data to some counter.



I think so and we’re wanting to do something similar but with an embedded player where when someone shares a song that the artist who uploaded the file gets a reward and the person who shares can get some separate small reward or incentive.

We wouldn’t want to do it like this though.


Just thinking out loud. Someone smarter please interject :joy:

Affiliate links on SAFE

Can a abstract (application applied) data type be added to a site/dapp in such a scenario? A user clicks on an affiliate link for a product to share somewhere else on the web, the user pays a PUT fee to create a unique url that uses the abstract data type that references the products original url, also including a type of ID (SAFE ID?), and wallet. When anyone clicks on this new unique affiliate url it leads them to the original product url that is referenced and tells the site the abstract data type’s user identifier so that they can receive payment.

The issue is abuse though which is why the tracking is so invasive isn’t it? To prevent someone just clicking their own link to get some reward. Of course the original ID could be prevented easily but since ID management on SAFE will be so easy then abuse wouldn’t be difficult. So there is that issue to tackle I suppose.

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Another possibility…

In the current Internet infrastructure is so expensive that the cheapest option is to create links.

On SAFE infrastructure is free. You pay once for storage space. How much will it cost if I want to be your affiliate you to create for me :jams2: (only the front end used by users)? (obviously you control the billing addresses for jams2 and you just give me 50% of the profit :lol: )

The code can be a combination of affiliate number and a key specific to that affiliate.

The linking then appends a record to the affiliate data encoded with the key.

The cost of writing helps to reduce spamming