Advertising on SAFE to raise funds


Another ICO on tokens will dump the average price of old coins pretty hard. So old holders will immediately lose . Don't say it is similar like with shares, because it is not. With shares company has more money and you as shareholder lost nothing in value, just your % of shares dropped. This crypto market is made by thousands of common people who will panic and price has no way to keep old level. As Nick already said, even very healthy investors does not understand this, so common people will panic sell much more and we can see even lower market cap of both coins combined compared to what is now. Also shares and coins are not the same. Value of coins can be very high even years after company bancrupsy, but it can be also another way. Network can fail and company can create another one or sell it to some other organisation.

If you need money, there is much easier way. Simply sell advertising space in safe browser. That browser can make millions. Right now it has a monopoly and will be dominant browser for first years. There can be also some official app store, with place for banners. Sone official home page like for chrome with place for paid advertising. Safenetwork will be anonymous, so advertising companies will have to use good old untargeted ads. There will be huge demand to buy traffic from start and zero advertising options. I personally would love to buy such banner space for my project, since there is no other way how to promote it. I suggest to create advertising token ICO, where people can buy advertising token which can be used to buy such banner space. It can be like token=1000banners shown on browser, or more gambling way, like buy % of total banner time. If there is many users you bought extra cheap advertising, if few you bought expensive. I can find so many ways how to earn on this right now by selling such cool premium spots. This advertising can be temporary solution, just to be able to finish the project.

ERC-20 Transition

This idea doesn’t violate the letter of network fundamentals, but I am unsure about the spirit (and I am sure that @Warren will not like it!).


What is wrong on untargeted anonymous advertising? There is 0 privacy lose. If earning money is again spirit of network than why all those employees get salary? Let it put from adoption view. I want to create an app on safenet. How will I promote it? This is first question every dev and investor will ask. If I spend time and money and create product, how will I promote it and get users? So having some ready advertising is actually very important step toward adoption.


Pdc will allow for paid promotion.


In current clearnet, advertising takes too much of our attention. I don’t have any links at hand, but one of the features of safe network expressed several times in the forum was to get rid of them.

I won’t argue about it anymore, but maybe this idea should have its own topic so that people can debate about it.


I know, but advertising will not vanish, it will be part of Safenet and nothing will be able to stop it. Of course, it will not be personalized. If Maidsafe company does not want to take free money from this, than someone else will do. Anyway, this future advertising can easily cover all the remaining development. I prefer network with some ads than no network at all


My opinion: No way they could raise enough money on the premise of we may deliver a super cool decentralized network and you can be exclusive group of advertisers on it for awhile. Is a nice thought but realistically I think either academic funding would be their best bet if they could prove they have solved some hard bits and just need more runway, or go the VC route and hope whoever picks it up maintains the same ideals as they do. Could attempt a crowd funding again(unsure how successful a secondary offering would be) with more tokens but I think there needs to be a bit of incentive for old holders to keep their chin up, like hey we realize we burnt through all our ICO so as a deal we are cutting total safecoin by 1/2(to improve value/scarcity) while we sell off this new round of 4 million tokens or w/e.

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I think this is a very good idea - SAFE store, I like it! I will buy some safeapp coins instantly!

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Google charges $1-$3 for targeted app install in their search ads in the google play store. Some google keywords in google search cost even $40 per click. Most of google income comes from those expensive keywords clicks. Banner ads earn $0.3-$1 per 1000 displays. If you rotate them every 30 seconds you can have 120 displays per hour per user of a browser. There is so many ways how to earn huge money on advertising here. Ok forget banner in browser and just sell homepage promotion on first home web page loaded in browser. create app store, with paid promotion on first place. Since there will be none advertising options from begining and plenty of people willing to pay for promoting their app, prices should be much higher than on regular internet. It can easily earn millions just for first year. If you sell it as a speculation token, where people will get % of total possible displays in first year and not as fixed number per token, than people will speculate like crazy. Such token can explode easily, its price will grow lineary with total usage time of all users. So people can gamble on how fast will network grow.

Edit: I edited number from 1800 to 120, was.