Advertising as a self reinforcing commons


Imagine that attention is the final currency and this is already accounted for under advertising in capitalism. Also that really we don’t have any information needs beyond the fulfillment of wants and needs, so there is no worry about information enclosure with sponsorship. Further that everything can be bought and sold and its just the trading of attention. That the product discovery problem is real and sponsor free honest search and trending won’t really help because in the in end it will come down to search engine optimization and that is best addressed by maximum information both observational and queried. That even in the case of ownership if means of production its just a matter of trading attention and at least for a time we suffer the scavenging of attention as we recognize that the advertising space is a self fulfilling commons. That we don’t need systems that automatically allot bottom up income based on attention so that we can only pay for exactly what we want and never have buyer’s remorse because more information in the advertising system will solve the same issue.

Ultimately, if we find this kind of transparency too invasive and corrosive of privacy, this system will solve this by limiting our exposure to human awareness of our individuality again through the trading of attention and advertised services that more and more take the form of precisely tailored search results. That even unforeseen or after the fact externalities will be resolved because there is enough capacity in the system for end users to turn their attention or focus to what they want in regard to modified solutions and this plays out in the political market for advertising, again its an efficient system of trading attention where money is secondary. The organic market is an example and advertising serves it.

Business cycle or boom and bust are again the same sort of thing. Through advertising and total info awareness products evolve that avoid these issues as they are not compatible with end user wants and needs. For instance it might be discovered that massive amounts of waste in manufacturing processes will create a resource collapse. Attention trading will respond to increased awareness and choose zero waste manufacturing as a product response to these real needs and wants. If we need lower work hours and better physical protections it will provide this. If we need to be paid to play, exercise, eat right and study, it can provide it but it has to be our will.

There are high power distance societies that thrive. There are cultural supports that help with this like the Confucian: “the purpose of big brother is to take care of little brother and the purpose of little brother is to respect big brother.” Maybe top down speech, be it commercial or governmental isn’t noise and doesn’t actually drive us crazy and make us sick despite our having evolved until recently in its absence. Certainly there were food chain pressures all along as a kind of top down analog.

Hopefully I don’t have this completely wrong but the case that haunts me is the case of taxation in the old Greek democracy and one of the reasons offered for it. Here was a society that had just over come the worst kind of slavery with the most radical and seemingly enlightened system. This was a direct face to face system where they said “we are the law” and their process was inquiry constantly aimed at all sacred cows. They didn’t need laws against laws because again it was a constant face to face search for what worked best and a culture unwilling to accept worn out dogmas. Of course its said we haven’t found a way to scale this society and its direct democracy is dismissed. And was it even then, rule by the loudest?

But even this society had taxation, which is top down if there ever was top down, and it was said this was needed to keep the peace. To keep people interacting enough so they wouldn’t fight. Trade as a means to peace. They taxed the rich and gave to the poor and they taxed the poor and gave to the rich presumably because business is hard and has to constantly be seeded. And they still had rich and poor. To make markets work they had to stir the pot even if that was coercive. This was a society that would have been free of sponsored info enclosure and it still had these results. This was market regulation but in a sense taxation was serving the purpose of advertising through cultivating attention. It may seem manipulative but at least it provided an attentional means to address other practical problems like depreciation.

Finally there is the old mystical notion that were are to pay attention to everything and not reject anything, which based on projection is likely a justified strategy.

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Well anyways trying to see light in situation. Verizon is sending its wireless customers letters saying: upgrade now because we are going to raise your rates. For last place price/performance these firms have been promised higher rates for even worse. Will we ever get a telecom/cable restructuring or cut the cord on these obsolete technologies and bills. And criticism is only about what will happen to business not to end users. If we can automate out corporations why not automate out end users as they dont count for much on supply side


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