ADSL internet connection


I live in the UK where my ISP gives me ADSL. My downstream is around 17MB while my upstream is only around 1MB. There may be a risk that 1MB just is not enough. 1MB upstream is typical in the UK. What do you have elsewhere?


Guessing a bit here, but I think it will be fine because the ability to be always on will probably be a bigger factor. I’m using intuition - based on what I’ve picked up hanging around with these guys for a while - so be aware I’m not on the inside.

If you are able to join in the testnet when its ready for outside nodes things will become clearer. Its very hard to be precise though as farming potential will vary depending on the growth of demand v farming resources.


This is also reality for the vast majority in Australia until our National Broadband Network is fully rolled out and probably the same in many other countries also.

Having an unlimited ADSL2+ plan might be important though. I’d think that…initially the majority of data will be trying to find a home, so the download link is more important to get your hard drives filled up…people thinking about data security rather than accessing services.

Later on, once apps become prevalent, uplinks would become more important.

My plan of attack is to ruthlessly delete stuff I’m never going to need again, along with anything else that is in all likelyhood going to be uploaded by someone else ie PDF’s etc. Then offer up all the spare capacity to the network. Once that settles down, upload my own stuff and delete the local copies.

As far as a pure farming play without a fat connection at home, I believe co-locating a machine in a data centre that has excellent peering would be more cost effective than renting out cloud space.


As @happybeing stated, you should be okay.

My theory is this… “The higher your UP bandwith, the more data you are able to service simultaneously.”

If the Network stores 1Gb of data in your vault. This means you have 1,000 (1Mb chunk) potential GET requests that could happen simultaneously, extremely rare. Because your UP stream is limited to 1Mb, you can only respond to 1 GET (1Mb chunk) request per second. If you receive 2 GETS at the same time, your vault will respond but the 2nd GET will be slower than the first. This is the result of your ISP throttling your UP speed.

What are the odds of getting 2 or more GET requests at the same time? Unknowable. Chunks are not tagged with request frequency. You might have a mix of rare and commonly requests chunks.

The odds are higher when you increase the amount of chunks stored. Statistically, a 10Gb storage vault has more chance of getting 2 simultaneous GETS compared to a 1Gb vault.

The beauty of the ANT System is files are broken down to very small chunks (1Mb and 1Kb), which allow low bandwith vaults to provide viable resources. A large 10Gb file request would not exclude you because your vault would only be providing 1Mb chunk of that file.

A colony of ants break down large prey into tiny pieces. The same happens on the SAFE Network with large files.


haha is that where the idea came from…gory :slight_smile:


Yeah, but do they put it back together?


Are you asking about the ants or the Network? I think you know the answer for both. :wink: