Adoption rate on launch

54,000 followers on twitter.

We’ve not had any forum statistics in a while, how’s the forum doing?

Is it fair to say 54,000 people could be on board on launch? Some people express a fear of a copycat project copying and running the completed safenet code as a parallel network. But with numbers like these, I don’t think we have much to fear. We are already at first mover advantage.


I know it’s not really indepth stats, but you can check here for some basic ones -


I hope this estimate will prove to be a bit modest. We’re still a while away from launch, and reputation should spread with every achieved milestone and consequent – even if just modest – rise in price. From a certain point, public awareness may even grow exponentially. We could end up getting a press coverage without any effort just because of people finally realizing the impact this network would have.

I mean, check Google Trends and the way StorJ smashes us:,storj

We are soo under the radar. Although we’re closing on StorJ in terms of searches for the last couple of weeks. I hope we finally make it. It would be the first time in years.

What’s interesting is that during the last twelve months, the only country in which our notoriety has surpassed the UK relative to StorJ is – Israel.

Any thoughts on that? I’m partly complimented, partly worried.


If there is a way to compare marketing output of Storj and Maidsafe it may tell a story. Israel is a hub of tech innovation so it’s not that surprising Maidsafe is popular there. Word of mouth does well there

Edit: Storj launching their Beta1 site does not appear to have impacted their price in any significant way


I was wondering that myself, and think I might look into it…


Maybe just make a “If you’re here for phase 3, like the post” thread or something.
There is at least one person lurking the boards because there’s not much to say yet.

(hint, it’s me.)

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I don’t think of fear when people express that opinion about copycats.
The code is open source and David has stated before he expected and encouraged it iirc.
The copying and re-wrapping then paying 1% royalties is also something that was expected to happen.

If someone does not launch an alternate network without a re-wrap but with 0 coins initially owned, meaning more to be farmed I would be very very surprised.

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There are a few reasons why there are more searches for Storj.

The first, Storj is just 1 term. If people search for Storj it is just ‘Storj’ what they type into google.
For Maidsafe you can search on ‘Maidsafe’, ‘MaidsafeCoin’, ‘Safe Network’, ‘Safenet’. So you have to add those.

Another aspect is that Storj is focusing solely and clearly on decentralized cloud storage, which is much easier to market.
People are already looking for that themselves and understand what it is about. Just search google for ‘decentralized cloud storage’ and look who is on top.
(You will also find some hacknoon article that lists all kind storage projects, except Maidsafe which is a bit worrying. So I left a comment, but I think marketing should act much more aggressively on this)

Safe Network is much bigger and therefor too abstract to market. Where to focus on? I think terms like ‘autonomous network’ and ‘perpetual web’ are still too highlevel for the average person. It’s good to have these terms, but I think that the project should be broken down in more easy to understand usecases. Like ‘decentralized cloud storage’, ‘privacy coins’, ‘scalable dapps’, ‘anonymous communication’, ‘anonymous webhosting’ etc.
Each usecase should have its own marketing campaign. And as soon as I search on 1 of these usecases, Maidsafe/Safe Network should appear on the first google page.
(I bet that Storj and Sia use(d) advertising as well)

Another point I want make is, that a lot of people will say that the product will sell itself. That is true, but not in the early early stage. You first need to get that engine started. This will cost you (marketing) effort.


I’d imagine it could be over 75k but it depends also on the economy at the time of launch. A recession in the coming years would with either make people want to run away from currencies or invest heavier in them