Addons for the Launcher

Much like the browser is the de-facto gateway to the clearnet, the Launcher is going to be the gateway to the Network.

Breaking away from thinking of this as a “central point of failure”, I am choosing to view it as a “central point of customization” for these purposes.

Much like browsers have plugins - ad blockers, email integration, bookmarks - shouldn’t one be able to customize their interactions on the Network via Launcher much like they do via browsers?

One could argue that this is best done app-to-app, but I would reply that this is just like saying personalization should be done site-to-site. It is indeed a viable approach, and one that should work in conjunction with the overarching experience.

The ability to customize the Network at a higher level makes it a better experience. For example (and for the record, I hate using examples) the ability to set a persona across all instances. The ability to block users and their content universally. The ability for notifications to be piped to the app that is currently being used - or even the desktop, or email in the early days!

What I’m trying to argue is that the Launcher should be receptive of addons that can modify and/or separately utilize its output to the user.

P.S. Is it “the Launcher” or “Launcher”?


This kind of “customisation” (and more), is something I’ve been pondering lately - though currently distracted away.

I don’t know if the place to put it is the Launcher or not, but I don’t think we need to decide that in order to imagine what’s needed and work out ways of doing it.

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Personally I think you’re onto something although this may be taken care of once browsers pop up but then again maybe launcher will have more access to customization that would lead to better user experience. I’m all for it as long as it can’t compromise security