Adding MaidSafeCoin To The Coinomi Wallet

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So I’ve been using a wallet app on my phone for a while called Coinomi ( for other coins. It’s Android only, but an iOS app is in the works. It supports around 200 ETH tokens and allows you to add any other dApp token manually.

However, I’ve run into an issue. The instructions for manual entry are here.

In following these instructions, I’ve found three different listings for MaidSafeCoin…only one of which has a working link for the “Contract Address”.

Is anyone here using Coinomi with MaidSafeCoins?

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Maidsafecoin is not on the Ethereum network, so doesn’t have a “Contract Address”. It’s on the Omni platform, which is using the bitcoin network.

BTW I’m didn’ t know about the Coinomi app

I don’ t really see Maidsafecoin on their playstore thing