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I’ll happily send them a dollar if they allow me to read it without ads :smiley:

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Sad to hear. You lose so much and gain so little.

If you block scripts then the script blocking you because you block adverts doesn’t run and you can read it advert free

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If they wrote it to be read, they shouldn’t have closed it off for people that don’t want to see shitty ads. But this will always be an ongoing discussion, I’m simply not giving in if this is somebody’s business model.


How do you expect the guy that wrote the article to pay his rent, or car payment, or put diapers for his newborn kid? I bet you want money for the things you do for your employer or for your business. So you dont get to read that David Irvine is ranked a top disruptor because you wont read an ad. I see a great trade-off and its unfortunate you dont.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t make money, I’m saying they should do it in another way if they want my payment.

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They dont want your payment. They dont care about how you want it, they care about how their advertisers want it.

I can send it to you, if you want :slight_smile:


I can’t imagine they care about their advertisers. This is just the way they chose to monetize their work. Thats what the adblocker blocker says: we need these advertisements to fund our journalism. It doesn’t say: we block you because that’s what our advertisers want.

For most people who block ads it’s not so much about a banner with an advertisement, but about trackers that want to map your every move all over the internet. I’m not sure about this site, but most “professional” sites throw in a bunch of trackers just for good measure.

Anyway they should run their business the way they see fit. I wonder if it’s actually better to block people using an adblocker, because these people won’t retweet, repost, the articles which may mean less reads by people that do not use an adblocker.

On-topic: good to see David included in the list, well deserved I’d say.


Of course they do. They care that they serve the ads they are given/space allocated by their advertisers/google and prove it to them with statistics and then.

You just said it:[quote=“Krekc, post:16, topic:11256”]
This is just the way they chose to monetize their work.

It is well deserved and the timing is perfect.

When I tried to watch it on my tablet both my browsers were blocked. I couldnt find an option about ads on the first one, and on the second one adblock was turned off.

On the Desktop, NoScript blocks everything and I can read the article. That’s all I’m gonna say about forced ads and exclusion, so I can get back to the topic :slight_smile:

Interesting List and yes, well deserved. Great to see Zooko, too.

So basically you never watch free to air TV or listen to the radio?

I do all these and more without viewing ads. I think that would be very difficult for me, or perhaps impractical, in USA, and maybe its hard for you in Oz, but in UK it is quite easy, and I even watch the commercial channels and just mute during the ad breaks. Having said that, I don’t watch a lot of mainstream stuff, but it would make no difference if I did.

I’m virtually ad free except where I want to view ads. It is my choice NOT to view ads, and the business’s choice to rely on them for revenue. Because some business or individual relies on them doesn’t mean I should have to view them. If they want to make that hard for me, I will choose not to consume their content almost all of the time. That’s fine. I viewed a lot of ads in my life, and they have affected me, and I didn’t consent to that as a child, or for most of my life. I just lived with them. No longer :slight_smile:

One of the main reasons I do this is because I believe advertising is harmful, to me as an individual and to society at large.

@moderators would you mind cleaning this topic of advert discussion, maybe move to a new (off) topic :slight_smile:


You could argue this belongs to the original topic:

11 mavericks and pioneers who are rethinking the web

So there you have it. We’ve seen the decentralised future and it’s huge.

Even tried doctoring the url => /page/11 but to no avail. It must be me but there are only ten descriptions …

Is it, they are is such a hurry to fill the other non-ad-half of the page, one pioneer got left between the radiator and the wall?

So it falls to us to appoint the eleventh, which according the forum rules for topics now will have to be an advertising pioneer. Maybe this will help:

Internet Ad Pioneers: The Stories Of The Unsung People Behind The Birth And Growth Of The Internet Ad Industry

This book, a collection of narrative interviews, shares the stories, key challenges, important milestones and impact of specific moments that helped to shape the Internet advertising business.

Some of these are people you may know very well, and some of them you don’t. Some have run global advertising agencies and some have led marquee start-ups that you use every day. All of them have left their mark on what is now one of the fastest growing categories of business in the world.

Without their leadership, knowledge, and most of all their passion for doing something new, none of this would have ever happened. It’s the story of the Internet advertising business, as told by the people who grew the Internet advertising business. It’s the story of the people behind the technology.