Adam Curtis blogs about stultifying surveillance and it's history


Fascinating, eclectic and relevant blog post by our Adam: how surveillance, and it’s use to predict behavior traps politicians and prevents them from changing the world, keeps offenders in prison beyond their sentencing, suggests purchases that prevent us exploring ourselves and the world - all with origins in the seedy world of divorce cases trumped up by British private investigators.

This blog has everything, well almost, from ELIZA to James Bond, and the man who invented Boolean logic, his daughter Ethel who’s book became the Bible of the young Bolsheviks, and the mysterious encrypted Voynich manuscript that she sold to Yale University, and which has never been decoded but appears to hold philosophical and scientific insights from the Elizabethan philosopher Roger Bacon. Let me know if I missed anything! :slight_smile:


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Wow that’s a whole lot of reading but well worth it



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Very nice catch, I used to have this feed in my reader, but it didn’t survive a big cull…putting it back in :slight_smile:

I wish he had the budget to do a video for the big posts like this, love his dialogue over the archive footage. I had to watch Century of the self over and over…was the big wake up call for me…he connects so may dots with his film series.