Actual price of PSVR is probably close to $560 USD plus $300 for PS4

What I mean here is if you want to the full system one that would be a compromised version of the HTC vive you would still need $399 for the head set, $80 for the camera and $80 for the move controllers. That’s $560 and then $300 for the PS4 or $860. Now the Vive with a good PC is probably double that but the experience is a much higher quality and you can walk around. The bigger issue is all of these are corded. We are waiting for wireless versions of each of these, but only the Vive seems really ready for it. Also the Occulus Rift which seems quite polished including built in head phones is only about $600 but again you’d need buy the controller and need a higher end PC. It seems the requirements are about 7x what the are for good 1080p gaming.

Right now there are note book GTX980 systems paired to core I7s and this seems to be the level of hardware that would best serve consoles for both 4K gaming and 1080p 90 VR gaming but right now that tech in notebooks tends to run $2400. But there will come a time soon when such a notebook can drive a wireless Vive. That will be a compelling $3300 party experience.

If Sony’s PSVR is in anyway compelling this will be a coup and they will have redeemed themselves for PS3 which was really a disaster for them. MS seems to be backing off its incremental console set up because its realized its the benefactor with a Universal Windows Platform of both the Rift and Vive and also that Vulcan bridging the gap to the Steam Machine Win/Linux consoles somehow means it should fear less than rather than fear more especially with its more open cross platform services orientation.

Its kind of ironic that MS’s fancy Camera may not help them in this regard. That notebook 980GTX has almost exactly the same amount of transistors with no fat that the Xbox One SOC does, but it aside from soft GPU CPU functionality it may lack even what the X1 has so its probably a billion transistors short with the missing CPU functionality. What MS probably really needs and wants is something more like a Pascal level of transistors or more like 10 billion transistors. Sony though with the way its done its SOC might be able to get by with a upgrade with 7 billion transistors and PS 4.5. Such a unit especially if justified by the Nintendo NX specs might really smack MS. Note the PSVR has a box almost the size of the Wii for additional processing so Sony has already snuck in a kind of upgrade.

VR gonna be pricey for a bit. Also needs the kinks ironed out… but they will be, and at some point the prices will plumet. One thing that is great about VR is that it is really pushing the GPU vendors to get creative and to compete.

Secret wish; A third GPU vendor!

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