Active Hacker - Broke Coinbase Password w/ 2FA

A hacker just stole my wifes’ CC and my CC number, hacked my email and now just got into my Coinbase acct that has 2fa. I am playing cat and mouse right now and so far been able to stop all things from what I know. Anyone have any clues how to find / stop this person? I will give props to Coinbase as they froze my account and called me to verify things. At first, I did not trust the call and did not answer any questions. I told them to go ahead and permanently lock the acct.


It sounds like they likely social engineered their way into your cell phone account. This sounds very similar to what happened to a lot of prominent YouTubers. You may want to call your cell phone company and make sure nothing odd is going on there. Once they have access to your cell phone, all bets are off (see your issues with 2FA).


I contacted the REAL coinbase and they said they would never call. So glad I did not answer or give them any information over the phone. They also texted me as if they were coinbase with a link. I did not click the link, and had my phone wiped clean to factory. I wish I could find these folks


Sounds like quite a sophisticated operation. Easy to get sucked in when there’s money at stake and action seems urgently required. Hope nothing goes missing and you’re able to reopen your account.