Acemoglou & Robinson Book "Why Nations Fail"

Their central thesis is wonderful but their definition of success is wage slavery. (update as the book goes on it gets better and better, starting to love it, despite misgivings) They also try to revision the English inner city Mercantile slavery as an improvement when it should be seen as a less favorable environment for people than the German concentration camps. They seem to want to switch tyrant Monarchs and plantation masters for business tyrants. They also over value markets to to point of fetish and constantly use the term “private property.” Yes private property or enough material means for a good life but not an amount akin to what a king might consider their private property, that’s not the carrot. Also privacy is a key part. They don’t seem to get that private property is just a means to liberty not the ends. In a situation of distributed abundance it would be less of an issue. It wasn’t for many native American tribes or for people in the hunter gatherer period

So yes great political economy argument, but totally backward primacy of business drivel through out. In a way business is dead in the tech age of abundance. What it looks like is extractive shit cars the US big 3 or 4 started to produce when the age of abundance dawned on them. Their product became a designed to fail at 7 to 10 years profit maximizing scam. They went from providing a service to becoming a means of oppression. All their whining about cars not being an efficient us of capital etc.

Actually I am not done with the book so I may need to update.

Well there is the books constant stupid refrain that the key is to get people to work hard. This is the slave or trick based productivity nonsense. Also pro centralization assertions about the state, and possibly too much pro market blather. Also the assertion that profit is the mother of invention because it offers the possibility of rising out of slavery. No innovation without slavery. Also that cancer like indiscriminate growth is fine.