[accused of EXIT SCAM] Altilly Crypto Exchange - list MAID

This is a concern theater. They put a public face of concern so that if they are tried in court they have an alibi. It’s a complete theater…

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I hope/think you are wrong

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If you make a mistake you work until you fix the mistake. You don’t set a deadline to fix the mistake, and you don’t say: “Well, I tried to fix the mistake, but the time I chose to fix the mistake isn’t enough, so I apologize myself for the mistake.”


Mr Nayiem Willems and him wife Miss Sophia Rademackers Are a profesional scammers .
Please read well everything published on my Twitter account. I will continue to publish more information discovered.
I am preparing a joint international lawsuit with users affected in this scam and many other of the same scammers and activity with cryptocurrencies.

do not let them continue to fool you with cheap excuses.

All the best for all of you affected at Altilly.com by Mr Nayiem Willems and him wife Miss Sophia Rademackers.


Someone need more evidences to understand that man
Mr Nayiem Willems and him wife Miss Sophia Rademackers they are professional scammers!!
Put close attention to these points of the claim that is a real jokes!!

Why is this thread labelled an exit scam? I dont think that is proven.

Anyway they appear to have started the refund process in alphabetical order.

Still in the A’s though.

I think we as a forum should not pass judgment on whether it is an exit scam as long as it still appears as though they are working on refunding users.

Did you see the previous posts from @AltillyComScam ? This seems to be a well-played scheme. They return part of the money and use the rest to buy a new exchange and make the same fraudulent scheme.

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Yes I briefly looked at it. I usually pay no attention to unknown users who arrive with 2 or 3 posts then leave

From what I can see, Charles Naughton is still actively responding on Telegram.
And it appears they are making progress.

Maybe it was an exit scam, but at this point in my view it is not a fact… yet.

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If they return the money I will change the title.


Granted it may all be an very elaborate dance.
Idk I am still giving them the benefit of the doubt while it appears as if they trying.

Naive perhaps.


I changed the title, just in case. This forum is well visible on the internet, if the same people try this scheme in the future maybe other victims will be protected - many people only read the headlines in google.


This is definitely a exit scam. They claim to have been hacked and have ‘lost all information’ which is a lie and just a hoax to steal everyone’s money. They are using the stolen money to fund ‘voyager’.

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Message from their Telegram group. I have a good feeling about getting my funds eventually back:

Hello all!

We are almost done refunding the saved assets.
Only 20 assets left to go.
If you have any questions related to refunds, please join the following channel.

After finalizing the saved assets, we will move on start the refund phase for the unsaved assets.
These are the assets that got lost during the Altilly Hack back in December 2020.
You can read more about this on our old exchange website: https://altilly.com/update

We are still in the process of getting our funds back from the hosting provider that caused the hack in the first place.
But in any case, we need a back-up to generate income for refunds of the unsaved assets and to do our best and make sure that everyone has their funds back before the end of the year.

If your refund application got denied or you were too late, please don’t delete any of your data or evidence from trading on the Altilly platform.
We will be giving first priority to those that have filled in the refund form and to those that had all the deposit emails. From there, we will create a new plan to review the unverified claims.

This process is going to take time.

But we are still here and we have a plan!

With our soon upcoming crypto and EMI license, we are legally allowed to operate an exchange and offer fiat and crypto services.
These services will be provided by the Qredit company.

That’s right. Soon, we will be launching a new exchange that will be better than ever.
Insured and Licensed. Open-source and developed by a team of professionals.

More news will be provided soon.

For the moment, join us on social channels.

Telegram: @qredit
Forum: https://community.qredit.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/altfenix_com

Or read more about our new exchange at https://altfenix.com

Take care everyone and thank you for your patience and continious support.

A little more action on the Altilly front - dont hold your breath though
Apparently the hacker has not moved a single token according to @Charles_Naughton and they are examining ways to try to refund lost tokens - this will need funded somehow though…

Charles is a bit pissed off at being accused of a scam but a polite enquiry to him on the Telegram group Altilly Refunds may be worthwhile

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Following the Altilly Refunds Telegram channel, it seems that refunds for some coins have already started - although MAID is a long way down the list and AFAICT Altilly have lost both the coins and the records of deposits for MAID and some other tokens.
If you were affected I would strongly advise subscribing to Telegram: Contact @AltillyRefunds

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This was unfortunate. Altilly had been good for awhile.

Whether it means anything or not I received this today


|### Qredit <support@qredit.freshdesk.com>|09:17 (9 hours ago)||![](https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif)

| --- | --- | --- |
|to me


You are receiving this notice because you filled out an Altilly refund request for BTC.

In order for us to process your refund, please "FORWARD THE ORIGINAL" deposit confirmation email
of your BTC deposit and any BTC withdrawal confirmation email(s) to [chuck@qredit.io](mailto:chuck@qredit.io)


Once you have been approved you will receive further instructions.

Please allow up to 30 days for the approval process.

Thank You,

Altilly Customer Support

* If you have other non saved asset refunds you will be sent an email for them soon.

I actually deposited ETH rather than BTC but lets see where this goes if anywhere.


A further email from Chuck

I have never heard of ALT2020 tokens and I am hardly reassured by the line

 " We will purchase your ALT2020 tokens on the
ALT2020/USDT market as we make profits and are able."

He’s offering some tokens that have a notional value of $123 for my 0,2ETH which I transferred to them a year ago. Any know how to calculate what 0.2ETH was worth a year ago?

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Look at a historic eth price chart?
That would be my move.

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I would be very, very careful when I receive this token. There are smart contracts that, once you give them access to your wallet, can drain everything inside. Most likely the scheme here is different - but I mention it just in case. At first glance, it seems that they will print their own token and buy it from themselves on the free market.

Look here:

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