[accused of EXIT SCAM] Altilly Crypto Exchange - list MAID

No one’s trying to attack you here. Clearly, it wasn’t that clear if two separate people responded to it in order to clarify. Secondly, most people can’t/don’t acquire a full allocation in one go. It’s wisest to dollar-cost average in. All announcements related to Altilly cautioned people not to use any exchange as storage. As we all know: not your keys, not your crypto.

Anywho, the point isn’t to argue about this, but to iterate that I can understand how people get into what I’d call poor exchange hygiene (e.g. using small exchanges, not closing out and withdrawing all coins after a purchase, etc.). They haven’t acquired as much as they want but also don’t want to keep paying the withdrawal fees every time they make a buy—especially if they can’t buy a lot at once.

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Who miscalculated risks to produce a loss here.
Who failed to learn from what works and what does not. (Bitker)
Is ignoring people who point things out a sign of good leadership?

If the amount of MAID on the exchange wouldn’t have made it worth anyone’s time, why even get listed to begin with, and how does that go along with calculated risks to produce anything of value?

Everything about this whole affair was downright obsolete. It sounds like a total flop at every possible level, including the learning part. And the corporate brainstorm denial doesn’t help.

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I would love to know your intentions but as far as I know you from previous demonstrations, those are not aligned with the success of this project. I don’t believe your virtue signaling at all…

I read your attempt just as a try to discredit the competency of the project management… maybe I am wrong.

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Virtue signalling? Do you even know what that means?

I have been stubbornly trying to challenge hypocrisy.

I don’t understand what this flop has got to do with management of this project. And I have generally become fed up with the prevalent sleaze, hypocrites and their sycophants mentality of this forum. Too many people have a way of using and dodging stuff.

I’m not the first one though. Not even the last one I bet. You are at the very beginning. The sycophant phase. Unless you’re crooked, over time, you’ll see, but stay. The hypocrite phase. Then you’ll leave, or it gets chronic.

Good luck.

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I think I do.

a) If you wear a facemask when you socialize in a crowded space instead of staying home, by wearing it, you possibly virtue signal you care about the health of society.
b) If you have collected hundreds of caps from plastic bottles and you speak about you recycled 100% of them, you possibly virtue signal you care about the planet.
c) If you speak about what strategic decisions in the past were not optimal, you possibly virtue signal you care about the project.

But yeah, MaidSafe has historically large gaps in marketing. Anyway, it also coincides with low awareness which makes me think this tech is probably very very very cheap right now. Hope I am right.

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Reading @bones scrutiny around Altilly (and recently also Polarity) I don’t get the feeling that he would feel the need to tipotoe around these issues. It seems to me that he writes very clearly and straight to point - without any extra sugaring. Also, I haven’t seen anyone putting him down because of his views, or getting insulted because of them.

They way how you speak on his behalf is a bit condescending, in my opinion. Sounds like you are using him as projection surface for your own feelings and thoughts.

Anyway @bones, at least I am grateful for you doing all the digging and hope you keep it up!


As one of the few people that lost a handful of MAID and who have also been the least vocal.

My 2 cents,

Most importantly, I do not believe anyone should associate exchanges with the project.
They are not related and it should be up to individuals to decide how much risk they are willing to take in using exchange services.

People like @bones highlighting the risks for those who are not aware are invaluable to masses of people who do not understand the risks and the louder people like him who understand the risks shout the better, it allows for more informed decisions to be made by those who do not.

BUT those who are willing to make risky decisions should be allowed to do so without being condemned.

Most new exchanges will start off being unknown, most will fail but if they ask no listing fees and no liquidity and nobody is forced to use them in my opinion it is worth a try.
Provided the shitty z-list exchange is not shilled as the hottest thing since sliced bread which nobody did.


I think no listing fees should be a given for a new exchange with no experience or reputation whatsoever.


If you are going to try to get something off the ground from nothing it might as well be a decentralized exchange. :racehorse:


Updates now on Altilly.com

I just got SMS’d with a PIN no for Altilly

I wont be clicking on it…

It’s a bummer but for me could have been a bigger bummer. I transferred a small amount of ETH sold it for BTC, bought MAID, did some profitable trading and then moved in another ~$200 ETH

Did the same with that selling on MAID-BTC and MAID-USDT.
Was left with around 20 MAID on offer at 1700-2000 and had about $230 worth BTC and USDT in buy orders.

I got the original ETH from selling some of my airdropped UNI so I cant really feel too upset.
But Im still pissed off…


And that’s why I make an offline backup of the forum every week. Even if some hacker deletes the online backup we will be able to restore this beautiful place:


You always put your money where your mouth is @Dimitar. Respect.



Please consider doing the same for the developer forum if you aren’t already.


Yes, this is a good suggestion … It seems that there is a reason to register with smart people after all :lol:


Sad to hear about this hack?/theft. Agree that decentralized exchanges are the only reasonable future.

I wonder if it will be possible to have a decentralized exchange on Safe before safe-compute functionality. Current decentralized exchanges are using ethereum (or similar) as the backend I guess, which give computing … but maybe a Safe website could also use ethereum as a backend … or would there be a weak link in there? IDK, but would be nice if there was a way. I want to be off the hacky clearnet entirely someday and the sooner the better.

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Why use ethereum when there is an abundance of natural saferium? :cowboy_hat_face:


It’d be great to do that when Safe offers compute capability, but that won’t be at beta and we don’t know when it will be.

Ethereum is a computing network by contrast.

What would be cool is if we could just hard fork a version of ethereum into safe code-base and store blockchain on safe and pay computing fee to farmers in safenetwork tokens.

But I’m just dreamin’ now.

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Unfortunately I also had some MAID on Altilly. Not a very large amount, but still large enough to hurt a bit.

Up until recently I would never touch MAID once deposited on my Ledger. But for some reason I just had to ‘support’ trade on this new exchange…

After reading the updates on altilly.com, here’s my 2 cents on teh current situation. It does tell me that whoever runs/ran it, has the proper intentions, especially when comparing to the other recently hacked exchange Livecoin (no updates from them at all). Within days Altilly has confirmed exactly what and how it happen. And even though it’s very embarrassing, aren’t trying to sugarcoat or hide it. According to altilly the coins/tokens saved are mainly the ones listed in the last 30 days, which should include MAID. It however doesn’t show MAID in the overview of saved coins (neither do most of the coins listed in the last 30 days).

Anyway, it did put a smile on my face when Nigel/JAMS purchased ‘my’ MAID’s for 0.50USDT, so thank you sir :grinning:!

Overall I am not too concerned


Do you all know you have to fill a form before 56 days to claim your funds?


From a personal point, that may feel nice. However, bad intentions and incompetence are not very different in practice. One could even argue incompetence is just not having the right intentions strong enough to research potential dangers and put up the necessary defenses against them.

From another angle, if you aren’t 100% certain (based on past experience in smaller scales) that you can protect other people’s money from being stolen, you should not be in the business of managing it.