[accused of EXIT SCAM] Altilly Crypto Exchange - list MAID


You changed your tune rapid, didn’t you ?

Make your mind up, pal.

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Anyone here primarily trade the MAID/USDT pair? Not throwing anything significant at it but there’s a premium on altilly for sure. Def take advantage of the arbitrage if you can and spread the word.


All is NOT well with Altilly

Keep getting logged out and on logging back in , my balances are zero.

Ticket raised but it all looks very iffy. Thankfully my exposure is fairly small but its still worrying.


Update to above

I can now log in again and my balances are as expected. No response as yet to my ticket - perhaps they are all too busy breathing a sigh of relief after some fix?


Well this is unfortunate…

Oh crap.


So, it didn’t take long before Altilly was added to my list of bad history with the exchanges. Not surprisingly, the only future is in the Decentralized Exchanges. It is madness to lose money constantly in the same way…

But now we know why @Nigel’s donation to the marketing fund did not arrived…

By the way, a very interesting coincidence, just when they add new coins for free to be hacked…


The listing fees on large exchanges may seem obnoxious, but one gets what one pays for. I think the exchange listings strategy should focus only on DEX and larger exchanges. Enough is enough. Thank goodness there were barely any orders/trades.


Agree, lets hope bittrex global sticks around at least and get this network done then hopefully remaining funds in Maidsafe pocket and community can drive a few big exchange listings(I would say its easier to get listed in crypto winter in terms of cost probably, may have to wait till then otherwise put up 100k USD or w/e insane amount they ask for). Or we say screw em and build our own SAFE network exchange within the decentralized web that lets us exchange between cryptos and such :slight_smile: .

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That never went through!? Wtf. What a waste.

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Yes, you can see it in omni explorer:



I checked the Omni explorer when you first messaged me but hadn’t after the last message of seeing my withdrawal being in the “Approval” process, even after verifying withdrawal via email and being under any daily withdrawal limit.
Seems more like an exit scam to me. We need a network DEX with auditable code.


Makes me wonder what are the final positivity costs here? I must admit, out of curiosity, I hesitantly registered on 24th, and all the possible alarms went off after merely looking at the UI.

@Bones You were not being pessimistic. You were just not being an idiot in denial. Like… Shouting out generic “great’s”, “welcome’s”, “be grateful we have anything at all’s” instead of questioning stuff – that’s not a sign of positivity to me. That’s a sign of one’s inability/laziness to utilize the brain in an extent that surpasses parrots and chimps.


Let’s not throw people under the bus. In the normal life, most people are good and it is normal to expect good. In the crypto world the opposite is true, you have to expect scams and only time can prove that they are not scams…

I’m not saying that this exchange is a scam, but not having an offline backup of the private keys to find out if the money was stolen seems crazy to me - ie. either they are terribly incompetent or they are frauds…


I believe that most people have the potential to be good, but circumstance, system, ambitions, expectations, competitive nature in the strive for resources, all that stuff around them force them to commit bad deeds, or actions that can be interpreted as bad from certain points of view, from time to time, although most people do not relish in screwing someone.

The thing is, you do not give your money to a person just because they introduce themselves. And it’s pointless to engage with tiny-poop exchanges where we ourselves have to create volume so we can get conned. We should know by now to do wiser than welcome this.

I, on the other hand, am saying this exchange is a scam. I don’t buy the terribly incompetent part, because they were capable of putting it up and running it. They’re scammers to me.


It’s the MAID token curse.


No more cursed than the tokens of half a million people whose cryptocurrencies were stolen in 2019:


We’re not cursed. When it comes to exchanges, we just make bad decisions out of desperation.


Makes you wonder about what due diligence was done before applying. It can’t be enough when an exchange gets hacked or exit scam 9 days after MAID gets listed.

Not about throwing anyone under a bus but the standard needs to be much higher in the future, no more aim from the hip but more written due diligence. And people who handle applications needs to be known identity by the MAID team.