[accused of EXIT SCAM] Altilly Crypto Exchange - list MAID

Who is saying they would?

One, because a test amount is always important.
Two, I am not selling my MAID it’s just for fun. First MAID I have moved in years… 120 MAID, last of the big traders here!!

Just got a message that it posted. Will check shortly.


Here it is, anybody wants it that will be $1 each going up with a working testnet :slight_smile:


Establishing a new floor.
Will everyone else follow suit?


hoping so!


Yay!!! Very happy this arrived. Did they explain what the issue was?

I’ve also reached out to birdinc to provide feedback/ask how common technical difficulties with Altilly are.


No, I think it was an automated deposit notification.
No response via the ticket yet.


Hey @Charles_Naughton trying to register at the exchange and even on the first attempt I’m prompted by a message of too many attempts. I’ll give it awhile and try again but curious if it’s a known issue.


I’ve been following Altilly for a few years as they listed my friends social blockchain called BravoCoin and seem like a good exchange.


Technically, given the limited supply to the US market, I’d say a $1 each is a deal :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Sign up for Altilly here using my affiliate link and I will donate all earnings through this to @dimitar and his marketing fund

Also load up on free shitcoins with the Altilly faucets at https://altilly.com/page/faucets


My sign up and deposit to Altily has gone smoothly – deposited some ETH, sold it for BTC and bought a few MAID.

They get bonus points for a seamless 2FA experience as well :slight_smile:


Sadly the SMS verification does not seem to be working - I did not get a PIN sent to my phone.
Is this a known issue, @Charles_Naughton?

+44 country code 074** ******

Otherwise happy- pretty straightforward and - getting lots of shitcoins I have never heard of from the faucets -

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This is great! Thanks Altilly … the problem, as always though is with us Maidsters … we just don’t want to sell. ;-(

Good luck though we do need more exchanges.

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Impressively quick response from Altilly tech support



You all moaned about lack of Exchanges - support Altilly now

I just put up a small sell of MAID at 1400

Put your money where your mouths are.
The least we can do is put some liquidity on there - I am the only one with coins for sale at semi-sensible prices.
If a few of you hodlers even put 100 MAID up each then we might make a difference.

Altilly took a risk on us, show them some support.


Use it then


On Bitker we did get a small exchange going by adding liquidity and it can be done again. It is a good time for anyone who wants to make som MAID, to add liquidity to a new exchange.

It is a very nice time for arbitrage, try and set the price maybe %25-50 above market price, start with small amounts if it sells add more and withdraw the profit. Repeat until market gets going and price moves closer to market price. Watch out for when test Network release because it might spike price movement and don’t keep funds on exchanges, get in then get out.


Will you buy my small sells at 1875 sats on https://www.altilly.com/?a=109bcc to get us moving then?

Excellent advice

I would not, if there is market demand for this exchange by example US customers or others, then it will get going on it’s own by adding liquidity as with Bitker, if not then it might not be what we need.