[accused of EXIT SCAM] Altilly Crypto Exchange - list MAID

I wrote to them, the contact is in discord


Hello My name is Charles Naughton, I am the customer service and listing manager for Altilly Exchange


Welcome! :blush:


Hi Charles,

As noted a few post up, I made a deposit 7 hours ago and the funds have not yet shown up, do you have any info on what the issue is?


Welcome Charles,
Who was the idea to add MAID on yours exchange ?

It is 100% work from @Sotros25 and @Birdinc1 :love:


Great seeing community effort lead to a new exchange. MaidSafe working with our community and delivering on honest exchanges that don’t do all the BS listing fees is what MAID needs.

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I raised some concerns in the other thread.
I’m fairly sure this guy wasn’t listed as working there.
Now the about us page is being updated so doesn’t even show.

All I can say is, careful with your funds folks.


I can confirm that he is not registered in the forum with a company email…


For what it’s worth, in early December, @Birdinc1 mentioned him as his primary contact at the exchange.

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Let’s not forget the original contact , the one I mentioned in the other thread, whose bct acc still links to altilly is the one promoting the wash bot.

I’m steering clear, just making others aware of potential issues.

I hope its all legit, but I’ve become a slight pessimist over time.

In the crypto, it is not wrong to be pessimistic. Here are the best scammers that our species has to offer.


Do we even really know birdinc ?
Last seen 1 day ago here but didn’t answer your Q about any prior knowledge of the wash bot.
I’ve no reason to think birdinc isn’t legit, I do however question how far his due diligence goes.

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My default mode is skeptical. Tweets from @maidsafe and @safenetwork that broadcasted the Altilly listing also cautioned people to be careful as well. We should continue to push for additional exchange listings. Funding and relationships are the key bottlenecks.


I very much hope someone checked and knows the identity of birdinc, if not then that would be a terrible mistake. It should be 101 to check identity, if not then it would be very bad.

I very much hope @Sotros25 or someone at Maidsafe checked identity and verified background.

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Now I could be entirely wrong here, but I think swisspvtbanker introduced us to birdinc, but I have no recollection of why I think that.

I think you are wrong, birdinc has been in the forum since 2014…


I’m guessing i thought that as birdinc says he talks to exchanges etc .
Yes, I was wrong.
Anyhow, I dont feel he did his due diligence researching this exchange.
Just personal opinion.
Took me all of half hour looking online to decide I wouldn’t put money there.

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And I wouldn’t put money in there, we have a very bad history with the exchanges. But to be honest, I don’t keep money in Bitrex either. When I buy for myself, I try to be at risk for as little time as possible…

He said he’d been in talks with this exchange for several months. Let’s see what light @Charles_Naughton can shed on Savage’s delayed deposit.