Account creation fails

Attempting to set up a first account on the fleming testnet, via:

$ safe auth create --test-coins

Gets back:

Sending request to authd to create a Safe... Error: AuthdError: AuthenticatorError: Failed to store Safe on a Map: Insufficient balance to complete this operation

Stumped me on the term “full AE.” Is that a configuration I should fix, just try again later?

Same here, try the following as a workaround.

safe keys create --test-coins --preload 25.685

You can then create a wallet and use --pay-with to fund the operation.

Querying the wallet however results in…

Error: ContentError: Failed to read balances from Wallet: NetDataError: Failed to get Sequenced Map. ErrorMessage(AccessDenied(PublicKey::Ed25519(104e60e1c215f82d927abe08fd4bde62c9baee3e4d818b4916e028576f4cf5ac)))

The Key’s Balance results in:
SafeKey's current balance: 25.685000000

Note that usings should work:
auth create --sk <SAFE-KEY-SECRET-KEY> --test-coins

But results in:
AuthdClientError: [Error] ClientError - Response not received: read error: connection closed: timed out

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Anti-entropy - only partial now, will be “full” in next testnet.


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