Accessing WIF Compressed Private Key to retrieve MAID

Hi All,

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to pose my question, but basically;

I created a bitcoin address using bitaddress,

I have sent my MAIDSAFE coins from the exchange to my public key, via omniwallet I can see that the maidsafe has arrived at the correct address. However, when I try to access my private key, it is not possible. It is pass phrase protected. Is there a place I can access my private key by inputting the password passprase? When I try to use the WIF key it sais it is not recognized. My only concern now is that I wrote down the password incorrectly, but I am sure the Passphrase is correct.

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If you created your bitcoin address using Bitaddress you would have been given a public key and private key. Surely all you should need to do is import your private key to an omniwallet address you already have access to and that’s it?

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If you use copy/paste as a method for the password, make sure that there are no hidden space in the end or beginning of the phrase.

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I am not familiar but in my endeavors I always am given a phrase in case I forget the key. its 10 words or something like that, dont you have something like that?

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bitaddress does not generate seed words.

Download bitaddress from github and check your key from Wallet Details locally


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