Accessing the old web via maidsafe

Is it going to be possible to access the old web via maidsafe like using a VPN? I’m thinking that way people might access sites that are restricted in their countries. I guess one would need some safecoins in order to get the safe network to store a site from the old web?

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No. There isn’t. You’re better off using TOR exit node or I2P out proxy. But this defeats entire purpose of using anonymous software. By accessing to clearnet from anonymous software will deanonymize you. It’s stupid, and pointless.

By this method - someone uploads a copy of stuff to SAFEnetwork (and pays for it) - yes.

I think this will happen a lot - I like the idea of creating an App to do this - someone could even build a system similar to so that if you try browsing to content that is not yet on SAFEnetwork, the App automatically grabs and uploads it, after which anyone can access it.

It’s not trivial - for example, who pays? And, any dynamic content would potentially be quickly out of date, so this might need to be detectable, and an option to have it updated provided (also to browse earlier versions).

Actually, I think I’ll post this in the App section because it sounds awesome! Thanks :slightly_smiling:


A browser/safe plugin to pull “walled garden” data into a store that is forever available… Yeah this might be really cool.

Questions around who could see what and who pays for the data storage would depend on the context.

OK here it is:

Secure access to web content without Tor or VPN etc (inspired by