Access to Maidsafe Coins

Just tried to do the same thing: import private key from my wallet into my omniwallet but got this message: Must be a valid Bitcoin private key

I’ve tried using the Hex and Base64 formats which are the only two formats common to both and Omniwallet, both formats produce the same message as above.

I’m copy/pasting into the ‘Import a BTC/MSC Private Key’ field of my omniwallet all the information from my wallet that appears in the field for the Hex format and then for the Base64 format.

There’s a message above the fields for the different formats which reads: Export Unencrypted Below are your private keys in JSON format…

However there’s no download or copy button; instead the only option is to highlight the info and copy it.

Clearly however I must be doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance for any help

What I did was print a PAPER WALLET in Blockchain and copied the PRIV address off that ( starts with a 5)

Hopes this helps

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Done! Thanks :slight_smile:

im still very confused on how to redeem my Maidsafecoins I bought in the presale with my account. “Error during validation:SyntaxError: Unexpected token O” is what I get If I try to restore a backup wallet. I know I have Maisafecoins because when I go to the “History” thing and click on the address it says

“currency_str Smart Property
formatted_amount 5950”

those are my coins right? i still dont get any value however when i click home

im just confused ugh…wish there was a simple way to do this

@igba I’m not sure what you are trying to do when you say “redeem”. Until the network launches all you can do for now is view your holding, or move it to another address or exchange.

To view it you need to use a wallet or service that recognises the master protocol (being rebranded Omni). The site still works (just paste in your bitcoin address), or you can import the address into the Omniwallet and use it to send the coins somewhere (as described above).

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yes by redeem I mean transfer them to an exchange, I have a backup from but I can’ figure out how to import it. it doesn’t seem to work with omniwallet…I got an account and imported a private key but when I click “send” it says “Cannot send anything because the wallet has no coins in the addresses that have private keys (nothing to send)” what do I do now? wish there was a video explaining this

and yes i can see my coins a

@oldnbold can you help @igba - see post above - having trouble doing what you just did I think.


Sorry for the late reply, but here is a fullcourse meal

Log into and export your privatkey

blablabla Click I understand

Enter you password of and click continue

Export Unencrypted, Pick format: Bitcoin QT Format and copy the Privatekey

Ooh kee now that you copied your Privatekey, goto and import your Bitcoin privatekey:

Paste your Bitcoin privatekey and click add address

Your wallet will be added, keep in mind it can take some time before you see your Maidsafecoin due to the Bitcoin networks update I guess.

Having done this i’ll be honest to you, your funds is saver in because you can enable 2 factor authentication. And btw you can always check your maidsafe balance by going to: IS WHERE YOU PUT YOUR BITCOIN ADDRESS. LIKE SO:

Also keep in mind that I done this joke with no fund on my account, NEVER EXPOSE YOUR PRIVATE KEY


Thanks for that clear description of the process. However, I agree with you, it’s safer to keep the maidsafe coins in Blockchain,info - precisely because Omniwallet does not yet have enhanced security like 2-factor. I’ll be waiting until the time maidsafecoins can actually be swapped for SafeCoins, before I move my stash.

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Just 3 days ago, I was so brave to advice people to keep their wallet on I would like to apologize for this BIG MISTAKE.

Here is the first reason why it might not be a good idea or why you might think twice.

It gets even funnier with this latest article

I have my MaidSafeCoins on with 2FA enabled and I also got the privatekey. I just HATE that they allow this security flaw to happen. IMHO security is what you always keep cutting edge. Security is also one of the reasons why I so incredibly love Maidsafe because it’s the first thing that comes to mind and it isn’t taken lightly.

This is not the first time that I said/advice something and that it turns out different. I was promoting but even that was a little fishy. Please do you’r own research if you use something. Most of the time I’m just to lazy to dig to deep and that’s when things like this happens. But even i didn’t see this coming after the long time that blockchain is in the game…


Yes, I would never trust any wallet besides the private key to any crypto coins. And use web wallets just for immediate maneuvers since ALL of those webwallets omniwallet, blockchain info, etc etc etc etc etc etc… are each exposed to insecure and corrupt internet.

This being said, just stick to the old fashioned paper, and secure that digit in the best physical way possible. If the private key is not digital your crypto assets can never be accessed by anyone except yourself. From the perspective of an attacker: It’s like trying to pull a Mountain into reality directly from a dream.

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Just to say that after successful import of Maid to Omni nothing can be done with the Maid until the btc address for the Maid is funded with btc.
You should see the Maid listed with a btc address and that same btc address will also be listed as one of your btc addresses.This is the one to fund with a small amount of btc. Maybe 0.001btc enough for all fees. If you only want to admire your Maid and dream of things to come, no need for btc funding.

He will always need some Bitcoins to send it away/burn the maidsafecoins.

Absolutely right. I only meant that until he wants to send or burn, he can dream for free.!

I’m waiting for a Coindesk headline like “Resident Wallet Expert Recommends, Unrecomends Online Wallet and Secure Email Providers”…

And your private key is stored in the same PC where you have your address. Marvelous.

If it wasn’t for 2FA that you enabled to let the government know who’s the owner of that wallet (and how they can recover the pass phrase from you should they ever want to do that), you’d be exposed to various risks.

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I personally generated my private keys on a bootable usb stick with a fresh Linux Mint install on it, while my HDD’s and internet connection were decoupled. Copied it to three other USB sticks as well, that I spread over three different buildings where I trust they’ll be safe. Of course they are also password protected. The USB sticks will never be plugged into any system until I’m ready to immediately send them to MaidSafe’s burn address to exchange for actual SafeCoin.


You can run any open source wallet on your desktop and it’s not going to be “exposed” to the Internet. Most of them communicate only with Bitcoin Core.

Sounds good. Is that safer than simply remembering one’s 12 word pass phrase?

I NEVER keep a privatekey on a PC… I always save it to a USB 3x or chop up the privkey on 3 different email addresses.

Actually your MaidSafeCoin might be save on because it’s wallet doesn’t show your MaidSafeCoin.

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Why not do both? Use my method or something similar and protect the wallet/private key export with a 12 word passphrase?

The idea behind my approach is that even if there was malware on my USB Linux install, the private keys cannot be transmitted to anyone because it’s never connected to the internet, and there’s no intermediary medium (like one of my HDD’s) that the malware could have used as a bridge.

I also turned off my power supply unit after shutting down from linux and drained the capacitors of power by holding my power button pressed for a while, before reconnecting the HDD’s and network cable. That way I’m sure no traces could be left in RAM somehow. Most likely an unreasonable paranoid measure, but at least it can’t hurt.

That’s like security through obscurity, I wouldn’t rely on it.

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The more data you have the more difficult it is to keep it safe. The more passwords and pass phrases you have, the more likely it is you’ll forget one of them (and thereby lose access to your funds, assuming you picked a complex password in the first place).

I’m not trashing the approach, those are fine measures of precaution.
I just wondered aloud if that is safer than to remember (or write down) a 12 word wallet pass phrase.

In other words, there’s a choice:

  • 3 email providers who hold the chunks of your private key in plain text on their servers + three passwords (I hope it’s not just one!) each of which is probably 12 characters or less
  • 12 word pass phrase for a wallet that’s not online (I’m referring to discussion from SafeNet App Funding Through Koinify)

And your conclusion is the first approach is safer. Is that because of 2FA that you have?

That is absolutely hilarious!