Access for all?

Can anyone tell me how the SAFE network will open up access to all people, particularly those currently in developing countries or dictatorships without access to:
a) the internet
b) finance
c) freedom from censorship?

I would be super interested to know the possibilities. When blockchain started it appeared to be about these aims, but now??? We can do so much better!


At this stage obviously not since internet is needed for connection

Only need access to the browser. Fairly cheap for those who have internet access

Safe will bypass most if not all filtering systems. And governments cannot remove content from SAFE.



Coming back to the Secure Access For Everyone.

We have to realise that in this imperfect world that the word “everyone” has implied limitations based on context and usage.

At this stage one limitation is that

  • internet access is needed (mesh in future perhaps)
  • A device that is capable of accessing the internet and can run APPs and/or browser
  • The person is capable of reading or viewing or listening to read pages.
  • The person is of a sufficient age.
  • and so on

As you can see there are limitations (or levels) of “everyone” and we need to be careful in not confusing the intent by arguing the terms based on context.

We could also take out of context or dispute the use of the words “Secure” and “access” as much as everyone.

Not saying though we cannot discuss the use of the terms and how appropriate they are I’m just discussing that yes there are limitations and most realise this when they read such a phrase.